A flood of support for Edgar’s Mission #UpgradeYourWorldAU

‘Sooner or later we sit down to a banquet of consequences,’ is one of Pam Ahern’s favourite quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson. As the founder and CEO of Edgar’s Mission, Pam believes that society is at a tipping point with the way animals are treated – and education is the … Read more »

2014 Imagine Cup: Aussie innovation going to the world stage

Australia is home to some amazing innovations. Combined with the drive and determination that is ingrained in Aussie DNA, the result is a force to be reckoned with. For the past 12 years, Microsoft Australia has showcased to the world exactly what Australian innovators are capable of. Through the Imagine … Read more »

Parramatta City Council first in Australia

Sydney, Australia – 15, October, 2013 – Microsoft and Parramatta City Council today announced that the Council will be the first in Australia to roll out Windows 8.1 – Microsoft’s latest operating system being released internationally on Friday, 18 October. The move forms part of Parramatta City Council’s adoption of … Read more »

Alphega & GlassUp, Where Wearable Computing and Social Networking Meet

Brisbane, QLD, 18th September, 2013 – Nubis launches the augmented reality portal to social networking, Alphega, exclusive to Windows Phone 8, with the goal to lead the augmented reality applications into mainstream use. The Queensland-based start-up’s cloud service enables users to see updates from their friends on various social networks … Read more »

Surface commercial distribution open for business in Australia

Today, we’re pleased to announce the next phase of our distribution program for Surface RT and Surface Pro for our commercial, education and public sector customers in Australia. Microsoft’s global approach has been to expand commercial distribution for Surface in a thoughtful way. This expansion continues to be via a … Read more »

@TechEd: Project Tripod Previews App Innovation

Q&A with Jordan Knight, Co-Founder, Project Tripod Q: Could you please take us through the concept behind Project Tripod? A: Project Tripod is an app that we’re developing that allows you to use your device to take a snapshot of the same person, place or object over an undetermined length … Read more »