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Sodexo wields Microsoft solutions in global transformation: Azure, Dynamics 365, IoT Hub and Power BI deliver critical intelligence and efficiencies

SYDNEY – April 11, 2017- Global facilities management giant, Sodexo, has harnessed Microsoft technologies, including Azure, Dynamics 365, IoT Hub and Power BI, to underpin a major digital and business transformation initiative, beginning in Australia but set to ripple through the international organisation. Efficiency gains unleashed by the initiative have … Read more »

Collaborating for a brighter future at Quakers Hill Public School

By Bert Lo Campo, Principal, Quakers Hill Public School Here at Quakers Hill Public School, the mantra, ‘Imagine, Believe and Create,’ is our guiding principle for learning, our aspiration for teaching, and I’d like to think something that permeates the corridors, classrooms and keen young minds of all our students. … Read more »

Lumia 650 is generally available for purchase

Microsoft has announced that the sleek and productive Lumia 650 is now generally available for purchase from today. With a stylish metal frame and beautiful 5-inch HD OLED display, the Lumia 650 provides sophisticated design at an affordable price and is perfect for both business and personal use. Powering Windows … Read more »

Melbourne University holds data scientist hackathon

Earlier this month, Microsoft partnered with the University of Melbourne and CISSA (Computing and Information Systems Student Association) to hold the Melbourne Data Science Student Challenge. This event marks the final leg of the global series of data science hackathons hosted by Microsoft with Universities around the world. Hao Le, … Read more »

The cloud: a Surefire path to growth

Retailing is a tough gig; margins can be slim or elusive, consumers fickle and customer expectations constantly shifting. Nevertheless, it’s a significant part of the Australian economy and employs 1.2 million people. Smart retailers now understand that by providing a personalised, friction-free service to their customers they can cement the … Read more »

Sean Kavanagh, Australian balloonist: Flying with Surface

With any sport at the elite level, it comes down to percentages. An extra one or two per cent could be the difference between an average performance and one which puts you ahead of the field. When piloting a balloon hundreds of metres above the ground, those percentages matter as … Read more »