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Executive Biographies

Find photos and biographies of Microsoft Australia’s Senior Leadership Team.

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Corporate Communications
Elizabeth Greene:

Chong Kim

Director, Finance

As Finance Director for Microsoft Australia, Chong is responsible for the complete financial management of Microsoft Australia’s Global Sales, Marketing and Operations (GSMO) business. In a Leadership role to the subsidiary and executive team, Chong is responsible for driving and supporting key strategic growth initiatives, end to end business profitability and ensuring full compliance with local government regulations and Microsoft’s corporate policies.

Since joining Microsoft in 1995, Chong has covered a variety of markets in APAC from both an Emerging and Developed basis, including Finance Director for Korea, Business Controller APAC, Regional Controller South East Asia, Business Controller Korea, Controller Malaysia, and South Asia Regional Analyst.

Chong has a BA in Accounting and Information systems and lives in Sydney with his wife and three children.


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