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Dr Peter Stanski

Director, Customer Success Unit

As the Director for the Customer Success Unit (CSU), Peter “Dr. Pete” Stanski plays a key role in supporting our customers on their digital transformation journey, ensuring that they realise the full value of their investments in Microsoft products and cloud services.

Prior to his current role, Dr. Pete worked for a variety of international organisations.  He has held executive positions in numerous business and technology organisations. Under his leadership, he has mentored over 2,500+ organisations across Australia and New Zealand with technology adoption. He has designed and developed business solutions for telecom, finance, education, research, trade, embedded, gaming, e-learning, scientific, biotech and IT segments.

Dr. Pete is influential in promoting and developing technology centric roadmaps which support organisational strategies underpinned by digital transformations. Over the last decade he has been instrumental in leading the adoption of public cloud technologies.  Furthermore, Peter has functioned as an IT and business strategy consultant for almost 30 years. He combines deep technical insights with broad business acumen to help customers unlock positive social impact resulting from their uses of technology.

Dr. Pete holds several industry certifications, a First Class Honours degree in Information/Digital Systems and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and two boys.