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Azure Space

Microsoft for Space Startups Australia

Microsoft for Space Startups Australia is part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to growing the Australian space industry. This initiative supports emerging Australian enterprises focused on cloud-powered innovation – on and off the planet. 

Eligible space startups receive Azure credits, access to a broad range of Microsoft technologies, and have the opportunity to work with Microsoft specialists, sales teams and mentors to support and accelerate their success.  

Hear from Space Startups

Graphical image of Spiral Blue tech in space

Spiral Blue takes edge computing into orbit, democratising space data

While many sectors understand the potential value of space sourced data, in the past it has often proved too expensive or difficult to interpret. Spiral Blue is developing a way to use AI and processing at the edge, in order to democratise access to space data. Read more >

Greenery embedded with architecture

Office of Planetary Observations heads to space for a greener Planet Earth  

While it seems obvious that lush vegetation promise more pleasant urban developments, there was little low cost evidence. Melbourne based start up, Office of Planetary Observations is taking satellite sourced data and using AI to help urban designers build more liveable cities. Read more >


  • Access to Microsoft technologies and Azure credits

  • Enterprise-grade Azure technical support

  • Go-To-Market and co-selling opportunities with Microsoft’s global partner and customer network

Read the full list of benefits and criteria.

    • One-on-one engagement with Azure Technical Advisors  

    • Mentor program with access to a network of experts across space, networking, cloud technologies, business, sales, operation and marketing

    • No fees, no equity, no lock-in  

Continued partnership with Microsoft  

Microsoft  aims to be a partner, not a commodity. After graduating from Microsoft for Space Startups Australia, members can continue their Azure and Microsoft journey.  


We want to hear from startups and companies under 7 years old, with an existing solution or a prototype built on software. Read the full list of benefits and criteria.

How to apply 

To get started, apply here.  

Microsoft for Space Startups Australia is always looking for new companies to join. The application process is simple. We aim to have companies signed up, active in the program, within a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Azure Space? 

Our approach in space is focused on integrating the Azure cloud platform with an ecosystem of space partners to develop a multi-orbit, multi-band, multi-vendor, cloud-enabled capability.  Our partnership approach to satellite connectivity helps accelerate capability for our customers and partners. For example, Microsoft has partnered with SpaceX Starlink, ViaSat, SES, and KSAT on a variety of ventures and we are continuing to grow this ecosystem. For more information read the Official Microsoft Blog.

Why did Microsoft create Azure Space? 

The space community is growing rapidly, and innovation is lowering the barriers of access for public and private-sector organizations. Microsoft wants to make space connectivity and compute more accessible for industries like agriculture, energy, telecommunications, and government. 

Why has Microsoft launched Microsoft for Space Startups, Australia?

Through this initiative Microsoft will support and enable cutting edge Australian space innovation designed to help tackle the planet’s toughest problems spanning sustainability, climate change, agriculture, mining and resources and also  provide digital platforms supporting innovative activities in space. We’re excited to work with startups creating new technologies and innovative capabilities, and we want to enable, support and accelerate their journey.

Is Microsoft planning to launch satellites?

We are focused on enabling technology for companies developing and launching satellites and delivering the leading digital platform for our customers and partners.

How many startups does Microsoft plan to sign up?

Microsoft for Space Startups Australia is always looking for new companies to join, and we look forward to announcing additional startups in the coming months ahead.

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