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New research reveals management and firstline workers dealing with the same pressures in the workplace

New research from Microsoft Australia has revealed firstline workers and business managers experience similar challenges and pressures in the workplace – despite differences in their day-to-day roles.

The top three pressures identified by firstline workers – the very people who engage with customers directly – and business managers are: the pressure to meet deadlines and expected outcomes (76 per cent); maintaining health and wellbeing (71 per cent); followed by difficulty in handling fatigue and workload (69 per cent).

The research reveals firstline workers and business managers also have similar strategic priorities with the top three priorities identified by respondents as growing their skill set (55 per cent), improving customer experience (49 per cent) and improving workplace culture (39 per cent).

There is a clear opportunity for firstline workers and business managers to collaborate in the workplace to alleviate these challenges as well as meet their strategic priorities. Business managers that engage firstline workers in business-wide transformation initiatives will be better placed to succeed in their business priorities.