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Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. And, we strongly believe this aim closely aligns with the ambitions of the nations, businesses, and people of the Asia Pacific. Since starting operations in the region more than 30 years ago, Microsoft now has thousands of employees working with customers, partners, and organizations in 18 countries and territories. Below are the latest thoughts, observations and viewpoints of our leaders and experts who are dedicated to the future and progress of our part of the world.


MALAYSIA: Do you know who lurks in your digital playground?

Jasmine Begum, Director of Legal, Government and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft Malaysia, recently appeared on Bernama News Channel to discuss the perils of the dark web and the dangers of not supervising your children when they are online… Read more »



VIETNAM: Building Digital Streams of Opportunities

Microsoft’s role in helping to build a future-ready labor force is growing with training and education programs and partnerships for upskilling and reskilling students and workers for the digital economy, writes Pham The Truong, General Manager, Microsoft Vietnam… Read more »



APAC: Four questions with … Vivek Puthucode

Vivek Puthucode is the General Manager for Partners and small and midmarket businesses in Asia Pacific, and his role covers ASEAN, New Zealand, South Korea, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan. He brings twenty years of experience across the technology sector and has earned a reputation for thought leadership … Read more »


APAC: It takes a community to raise a STEM-girl

President, Microsoft Asia Pacific, Andrea Della Mattea, looks back at her own work experience and says while much is being done to promote wider education and career options for young women, more change is needed… Read more »



APAC: Cyber threats in Asia. It’s time for your IT checkup

Prevention is better than cure. That is true for our bodies and it is also vital for the security of our data and devices, writes Mary Jo Schrade, of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit… Read more »



INDIA: Embracing the new world order with GDPR

The European Union’s new data protection law is a golden opportunity for India to drive thought leadership in the global market, writes Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India… Read more »



INDIA: AI for a billion people. And an accessible world.

Inclusive design is key to our mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, writes Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India… Read more »



INDIA: Our quest to empower every person and organization to achieve more

Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India, looks at some of the big opportunities and challenges facing his country in 2018… Read more »



MALAYSIA: Democratizing IT in a Mobile-first, Cloud-first World

K Raman, the Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia outlines the fundamental shifts that are reshaping our company as it powers ahead… Read more »



ASIA: Don’t ever underestimate the damage of cyberattacks, just like icebergs

Eric Lam, Director of the Enterprise Cybersecurity Group at Microsoft Asia, likens a cyber attack to a ship hitting an iceberg – so much is hidden beneath the surface… Read more »



APAC: Cybersecurity -The art of simplicity and being on the right side of history

When it comes to protecting your IT operations from attack, less can often mean more security, explains Michael Montoya, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Microsoft Asia… Read more »



AUSTRALIA: Solving the cybersecurity skills gap

The war for talent has a new battleground – cybersecurity. Steven Worrall, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia, outlines a strategy to help find the right people for the job… Read more »



AUSTRALIA: voiding the opportunity cost of cyber risk

Too many organisations are in a state of unnecessary paralysis due to the threat of cyberattack. Tom Daemen, Director of Corporate, Legal and External Affairs, Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, outlines a course of action… Read more »



AUSTRALIA: Azure Central open for business – accelerates Government and national critical infrastructure transformation opportunity

Steven Worrall, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia, looks forward to the potential gains that can be made now that the Canberra Azure regions are operational with protected level services certification… Read more »



NEW ZEALAND: It takes a tech sector to raise a digital child

The NZ Government’s decision to embed digital education in the school curriculum is a vital step forward, says Evan Blackman, Education Sector Director, Microsoft New Zealand. But it will need help from the partners in tech sector… Read more »



ASIA: Five ways AI is building a better, brighter future

Concerns over the challenges artificial intelligence might pose for society should not overshadow its enormous potential benefits, writes Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Asia… Read more »



ASIA: Brave new world – how AI will impact work and jobs

The good news is that AI is already delivering tangible economic benefits for many organisations across Asia Pacific, writes Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Asia… Read more »



ASIA: AI is built on trust

Artificial intelligence is driving profound progress in every field of human endeavor, from healthcare to education to climate control and crop yields, writes Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Asia… Read more »