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Trends that converge to make IoT

Readify set to go in the business of analytics How times have changed. Mitch Denny, Chief Technology Officer for software company Readify, is reminiscing about his life in IT: “If I think back ten years ago, one of the things that I used to lament was every single time you’d … Read more »

A world of possibilities open to all

Empired mines the low cost and value of IoT For Empired, the international ICT services business, the attraction of the Internet of Things (IoT) is pretty basic: it enables the company to leverage its already vast knowledge of real-time information and insights to a much greater pool of customers. As … Read more »

IoT stands for business, not technology

Consumers get the upper hand as Oakton rides the wave of change One of the great things about Bob Peebles, the Executive General Manager, Partners at Australian consulting and technology firm Oakton, is that he has been around long enough to understand the value of explaining things without resorting to … Read more »

Heading for the golden age of innovation

Mexia prepares for the business of outcomes Seven years ago Dean Robertson started Mexia, a highly-successful integration consultancy that helps large organisations like banks, insurance companies and superannuation funds with their digital integration capabilities. But even though the past seven years have brought more than their share of excitement, it’s … Read more »