Microsoft collaborates with Digital Health Canada to help members prepare for the digital future

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The health sector in Canada is undergoing a significant transformation, as new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation, and robotics increasingly push the boundaries and unlock new advancements in the field. New technologies in healthcare mean that professionals can provide better and higher quality of care for the patients, or can advance different areas, such as diagnosis as well as treatment. But technology alone is not enough to drive digital transformation, gain competitive edge and deliver growth. It is critical that organizations prioritize digital literacy and embrace ”tech Intensity” – a combination of technology adoption with skills and a culture of learning – in order to leverage the incredible power of AI and to innovate at speed and scale.

Plugging the Canadian skills gap

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its commitment to help Canadians advance their digital skills and investments in training programs for people across all industries thrive in today’s AI fueled world. As part of this commitment, we are happy to announce that Microsoft recently collaborated with Digital Health Canada as a Certified Education Provider to their Accreditation Program. What this means is that that Digital Health Canada’s members will now have access to a range of new and emerging technology training programs hosted on Microsoft Learn, including:

1. AI Business School General Track

2. AI business school for healthcare

3. Azure Fundamentals

4. Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate

5. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

“There is a growing awareness that Canadian professionals need a comprehensive learning pathway,” said Digital Health Canada CEO Mark Casselman. “We are very excited about the expanding education and professional certification opportunities that will arise from adding Microsoft to our Certified Education Provider accreditation program.”

Health experts and institutions recognize the fundamental need to invest in skills training programs for their professionals as Canada’s future economic success is dependent on a digital-ready workforce. Our aim for the health sector is to contribute towards creating a digital intelligence that will bring benefits to both healthcare professionals and patients. The collaboration of Microsoft and Digital Health Canada will not only help health professionals fully capitalise on the benefits technology offers, but will also ensure to unlock new opportunities and innovations.


Learn more about Digital Health Canada Continuing Education Providers accreditation program here. Visit Microsoft Learn for more information about Microsoft education.


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