Season 2 of the AI Meets World podcast takes a deeper look at the opportunities and challenges of AI

A picture of AI data on a computer screen

2020 has certainly been a memorable year. From a dramatic plunge in oil prices to a global pandemic, this year has proven that our previous business models, our government processes, and even the way we interact with one another need to change. But through it all, we’ve seen unimaginable innovation, much of it powered by AI and machine learning, and that digital strategies have the potential to solve today’s challenges and change our lives for the better.

In Season 1 of AI Meets World, we pulled back the curtain on AI and machine learning and got Canadians thinking about how they can integrate AI into their businesses. It was a great primer, however, a recent Deloitte study revealed that Canadians still have some reservations when it comes to  trusting AI. And not only do they not trust it – many Canadians say they still don’t understand the technology.

But why is that?

Canada has both an established presence in the global technology sector and the potential to become a global leader in AI, but it’s going to take hard work, and collaboration between the public and private as well as buy-in from our civil society. Addressing future challenges requires continuous innovation, and if we do not take advantage of the enormous opportunities made possible by AI, then Canada risks falling behind. That’s why this season, Microsoft Canada and the Globe and Mail’s Globe Content Studio are asking the hard questions and diving deeper into some of the barriers preventing AI adoption in Canada – and how can we address these concerns with the right policies and design principles.

Whether it’s asking tough questions about the implications of facial recognition, exploring how AI can potentially solve for a more diverse workplace or figuring out how to detect the next pandemic before it hits, AI Meets World Season 2 offers an extensive examination of how AI is already making a difference in our everyday lives and how it can unlock new opportunities for people, industry and society – now and in the future. And you won’t just hear from Microsoft; season 2 is hosted by, Avery Swartz, founder of Camp Tech; Avery will be be speaking with some of the brightest minds in the industry including, Jim Balsillie, Michael Geist, Bianca Wylie and Caitlin MacGregor.

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