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Clean up Blobtopia with ‘Blobster’ on Windows Phone

You may think of a 50s sci-fi movie (or its 80s remake) if you haven’t heard of “Blobster,” but it’s really a Windows Phone game that was formerly only available to Nokia phone users. In the game, a wide-eyed blob takes on a trifecta of adversaries: pollution in Blobtopia, the … Read more »

Aspiring journalist chooses Surface as a traveling companion for ‘dream trip’ to Vietnam

When the time came for Ava Van to take her long-anticipated, two-month volunteer trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the aspiring TV reporter did extensive research and decided that Microsoft Surface would be the device to make the trip with her. A post on the Surface Blog today details her … Read more »

Windows Phone developers: Take advantage of the Buddy Backend as a Service

In a guest post over on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Buddy Vice President of Engineering Shawn Burke provides information on the Buddy Backend as a Service offering, which cuts down on the time developers have to spend building the underlying functionality for creating and managing users, sending push notifications … Read more »

Ready for school? See slideshow of 10 cool tech tools for your student

The back-to-school countdown is about to begin. Take a look at our slideshow of cool devices and tools that will help your students and family stay connected and on track throughout the school year. You’ll find PCs, smart phones, tablets, other hardware and more to keep your student on the … Read more »

Unlock business-critical cloud apps with Windows Azure SQL Database Premium preview

Earlier this month at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Executive Vice President Satya Nadella announced a new Premium service for Windows Azure SQL Database that will bring flexibility and choice across on-premises and the cloud for business-class applications. Today, the preview for that service went … Read more »

Must-see videos from the Microsoft Research archives

Last month, Microsoft Research opened up its video vaults to the public with a new Video Library app for Windows 8. The app features over 4,000 interviews, lectures and more by a wide range of tech luminaries, and today NEXT at Microsoft has handpicked four must-see highlights for your viewing … Read more »

‘2012 R2 wave’ enables open source on the Microsoft cloud

Microsoft understands that users will build applications on open source operating systems. With the “2012 R2 wave,” IT Pros can have it all. That’s because the R2 wave was built with an open source environment top of mind, and will deliver a suite of products that are more adaptable and … Read more »

SmartGlass for CNET: A digital buddy that will geek out watching tech shows with you

Xbox Live Gold members can access the CNET Xbox SmartGlass app to enhance what they’re watching on CNET by answering quiz questions and polls, and looking up related information. They can even use the app as a remote control on a tablet or smart phone to search, select, play, or … Read more »