HoloLens used for the first time in surgery in Serbia

HoloLens used for the first time in surgery in Serbia

Only a few months after the successful HoloLens 24 hours-surgery event, healthcare institutions in Serbia have started using HoloLens technology. At the University Hospital Center “Dr Dragiša Mišović” doctors from Germany and Serbia performed a unique intervention on the spine using virtual hologram technology.

Mixed reality connects the real and virtual worlds. It introduces digital visualization into the field of physical objects, and Microsoft HoloLens glasses, in the new era for healthcare, bring clinicians solutions based on mixed reality and enable surgeons to improve medical practice during surgery.

“Microsoft innovative technologies and HoloLens are changing surgery and healthcare industry. Apart from helping during surgery, they also help improve health outcomes and deliver better training worldwide,” says Dr. Andreas Vajlman, a specialist in spinal surgery from Stuttgart who performed a percutaneous epidurolysis using HoloLens.

Microsoft’s HoloLens headsets are mixed reality smart glasses that use sensors, advanced optics, and holographic processing to blend 3D imagery and physical environments seamlessly.

“The idea of HoloLense is to allow us to be in direct contact with colleagues in another country, to place them in the environment around us, to look at pictures and everything they do immediately, while working. And to be able to enter the patient’s files and charts into the device, to project everything on the patient’s back and get a three-dimensional image of the spine,” explains Prof. PhD Predrag Stevanovic, head of Anesthesiology at the University Hospital Center “Dr Dragiša Mišović.”

The technology behind HoloLens is a form of augmented reality called mixed reality. This means that a person wearing HoloLens can interact with holographic objects —not just look at them in 3D — thanks to depth sensors and tracking devices. Thus, medical students or surgeons get a holographic object which is a three-dimensional AR model of an entire body or even a specific organ.

The device can be used in surgery, simulation medicine, and believe it or not, in the fight against the Covid-19.

“When we enter the shift, there are three doctors in intensive care, for 7 or 8 hours. With the HoloLense technology, instead of three colleagues, one can enter and make the rounds while the others can stay in the Green zone. In that way we reduce the time spent in the Red zone. The experience from the Royal College shows that in this way the doctors’ exposure to the virus can be reduced by 83 percent. We will be happy if we manage to lower it by 50 percent,” states Dr. Stevanovic and adds that he believes that “the possibilities for the use of HoloLens will be fully seen in the future since this innovation is in the development stages.”

The HoloLens set is placed on the head while the connection is made with a mobile phone, so the other side can be anywhere, and the practical application is immeasurable. So, even though you are not physically present somewhere, you have an insight into everything that is going on.

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