Educational Opportunities for Children of Ukraine

Educational Opportunities for Children of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine brought unprecedented global challenges. Numerous children have been left without families, and many people without homes and jobs, while fighting for bare existence.

While the entire region is in a severe humanitarian crisis, it is important to find a way for the nation to continue its life in some manner. It is necessary to provide families with new homes, psychological and financial help, and health care. The focus is on helping them overcome the time of uncertainty and protecting them. Situations like this are where we acknowledge the ongoing importance of nongovernmental organizations as they are the connection with funding sources and essential health services.

Microsoft supports the efforts of the nongovernmental organizations and foundations supporting those in need especially vulnerable groups and children. When the war began, the company immediately responded to this humanitarian crisis and provided technical assistance to the government and the people of Ukraine. Its technology took a big role and sped up the process of helping with applications and assisting the displaced Ukrainian people, allowing the disaster response teams to provide technical assistance and resources to people and organizations in need.

The company also provided educational equipment by donating Surface Pro tablets, for the children to learn online, because the war has disrupted learning for 5.3 million children in Ukraine, and the continuance of their education is of great importance. It is important that children continue to develop skills, expand their knowledge, and learn about the world around them. They are the future of the nation. In the cruel world they have found themselves in, having suitable equipment and gadgets for online learning will help children in Ukraine adapt to the changes, learn and educate, finish school, and create a future for themselves. Knowledge is their tool, and the nongovernmental organization Children of heroes Charity Fund is working 24/7 to enable children to continue gaining it.

This organization is ready to provide critical relief and long-term assistance to children who have lost one or both parents due to the full-scale war in Ukraine. The Fund assists in six key areas: psychological support, legal support, financial aid, medical care, emergency assistance and socialization. Children of Heroes assists those in need in providing housing, education, basic and medical needs. The Fund is active both in Europe and the US.

Educational Opportunities for Children of Ukraine

We already have several results from some children who started to attend online classes and have significantly improved their progress in school. All the children were happy that the Ukrainian keyboard was also available as it makes communication more comfortable and faster. Their guardians also mentioned that it was of considerable help that applications and programs were already installed, so nothing additional had to be bought or arranged, and children could start using devices immediately”, the NGO’s representatives shared. “The guardians told us they couldn’t believe this was possible. Each child had a smile on their face. They were very surprised and happy; some children passed the English language course the day they received the device. They were delighted and motivated to use the device for education immediately”.

In today’s Ukrainian realities, laptops and tablets are the primary tools for obtaining knowledge and accessing information. The most significant benefit is providing Ukrainian children with constant access to online education. This project’s most important result is that children can practice online, participate in psychological sessions, and get a proper education.

„The implementation of this project will have a significant impact on the further development of children. Along with access to educational platforms, children get access to a psychologist and a variety of instant messengers and social networks, which significantly increase socialization and reduce stress. In the future, these children will have more chances to survive all the suffering with minor consequences”, an NGO representative concluded.

Since March 2022, more than 5.000 Ukrainian children have lost their families and hundreds of them have been wounded. Their childhood has been taken away. Microsoft’s donation is a small act of kindness for children who lost their parents in the war, but also it represents continuous support for educational assistance and further development.

The impact of technology during times of crisis has become critical in recent years. Microsoft is committed to providing continuous assistance to NGOs as they work tirelessly to support personal safety, health, housing, and family reunification.

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