Microsoft unveils new Minecraft: Education Edition and Learning Tools for OneNote

Microsoft owns Minecraft

As the educator community meets at the BETT 2016 show in London this week, Microsoft has unveiled two new tools to help teachers and pupils alike.

Microsoft has acquired MinecraftEdu and is investing in a new and expanded version of Minecraft for the classroom. Available this summer, Minecraft: Education Edition will allow schools to access a richer set of Minecraft features designed to give more educators a valuable, inspiring classroom tool. More information about this new edition can be found here.

The Minecraft Education Locator Map
The Minecraft Education Locator Map

“We’ve been using Minecraft for a relatively short time but we’re already seeing an improvement in our pupils’ level of understanding during lessons,” said Leigh Wolmarans, Headteacher of Lings Primary School in Northampton. “Yes, it’s fun and, yes, it’s engaging but the way we use Minecraft, it’s not a game. It’s a genuine learning technique.”

Microsoft is also introducing free Learning Tools for OneNote this week designed to help students, especially those with learning differences such as dyslexia, improve their reading and writing skills. The public preview of the tool, which sits as a toolbar add-in for OneNote 2013 and 2016, is available to download today. More information about the features it offers can be found here.

The Minecraft Education_Camera
The Minecraft Education_Camera

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