Astroneer and Pit People: the latest games you should download this weekend

The best games to download this weekend

From courageously exploring the furthest corners of the galaxy to fighting an invading alien race in a post-apocalyptic world, these are best and latest games to sink your teeth into this weekend.

Astroneer (Game preview)

Explore distant planets with your friends
Astroneer is a vast and addictive space adventure set during a 25th century gold rush. Players can shape the terrain on worlds like Play-Doh, gather/trade resources, craft new tools, vehicles and modules, and enjoy the adventure online with four-player co-op. With procedurally generated planets – all of which are explorable – it’s the ultimate space adventure.

Download Astroneer here

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Pit People (Game preview)

Pit People

Pit People sees you take the reins over a group of tragically unique heroes as they trek across a bountiful (and often dangerous) post-apocalyptic wonderland. This fast-paced, turn-based co-op adventure will see you exploring the world on a hunt for loot, mastering quests, customising your fighters and taking place in tournaments.

Download Pit People here

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Rise & Shine

Rise and Shine

The aptly named Gamearth is a wonderful, peaceful planet full of wonder and happiness – oh wait, it’s just been invaded by a bunch of warmongering Space grunts from Nexgen. Typical. In the aftermath of their devastating first strike, a child named Rise is forced to take on the sacred gun Shine – and with it, the fate of his world.

Download Rise & Shine here


Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

In space, no one can hear you scream. Apparently. We’ve never been there ourselves. Still, Dead Effect 2’s sci-fi horror first-person shooter gameplay should squeeze out a yelp or two. Set aboard a derelict spaceship, you fill the shoes of an elite soldier, charged with the tricky task of taking control over a monster-infested ship. At least it’s more exciting than an office job.

Download Dead Effect 2 here


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