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Sun, sand and serious challenges: How creating the Forza 7 Dubai track melted a camera and took its toll on staff

Porsche car in Forza 7

Gamers playing Forza Motorsport 7 will notice that their car handles a bit differently on the new Dubai track compared with other courses. That’s because Turn 10, the game’s creators, sent a team to the United Arab Emirates to experience and capture the incredible heat in the city, which affects … Read more »

Manchester United to retain top spot this weekend despite Paul Pogba injury, Bing predicts

Football on a pitch

Manchester United will remain at the top of the Premier League table this weekend despite one of their key players being injured, Bing has predicted. Facing Everton at Old Trafford, Microsoft’s search engine has given the Red Devils a comfortable 89% chance of a victory, even with midfielder Paul Pogba … Read more »

The number of schoolchildren who could learn digital skills just exploded

Teacher standing in front of large monitor, teaching classroom of students

Hundreds of thousands more schoolchildren in Scotland could be taught vital digital skills after a scheme backed by major companies including Microsoft was expanded. The Digital Schools Awards Scotland encourages schools to partner with colleges, universities and employers to embed technology skills in a range of lessons. It is hoped … Read more »

Minecraft fans make more than $1 million selling in-game items through official marketplace

Minecraft fans have made more than $1 million by selling in-game items and add-ons through the game’s official Marketplace. The service, which was launched in June, lets professional “content creators” sell maps, texture packs and character skins for Minecraft Coins, which players can buy with real money. The Marketplace was … Read more »

Charities know they need a cybersecurity plan, so why do so few have one?

By Eve Joseph, UK Responsibility Manager at Microsoft It’s no surprise that cybersecurity is a priority for most charity-technology leaders today, but does the wider charity workforce understand the need to invest in it? With more digital threats today than ever, it’s important that charities put plans in place to mitigate potential risks and address any skills … Read more »

Halo and Steam fans are going to love Microsoft’s new mixed-reality headsets

Windows mixed-reality headsets in black, blue and white

Microsoft is to launch affordable and easy-to-use mixed-reality headsets that will include content from the Steam gaming platform and Halo franchise. The technology company announced that a range of devices and motion controllers from HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer will be released in the coming months. Microsoft has led the … Read more »

Manchester United to make it three wins out of three in Premier League, Bing predicts

Manchester United will stay top of the Premier League this weekend by beating Leicester at Old Trafford, Bing has predicted. José Mourinho’s men have an 89% chance of victory, Microsoft’s search engine has said, which comes after their 4-0 win against Swansea last week. The result against Leicester will keep … Read more »