An Event For Researchers, by Researchers – Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Research Symposium

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“We work in an industry that does not respect tradition, only innovation.” – Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.


At Microsoft, research plays a crucial role in driving those breakthroughs. Our researchers, scientists, and engineers have influenced virtually every Microsoft product we have released in the past three decades, including Cortana, Azure Machine Learning, Office, Xbox, HoloLens and more. But most importantly, beyond hardware and software development, Microsoft is dedicated to support an open and collaborative environment in research and academic community of Hong Kong.

Amplifying human ingenuity and democratizing AI for Hong Kong

Today we hosted the MSRA symposium which housed more than 150 local academic professionals from top universities including The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, across different research disciplines. This symposium is co-organized with Microsoft Research Asia to not only celebrate the latest scientific achievements from cooperation with local academia, but also explore opportunities with great potential in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for scientific and societal advancement.

With the increasing availability of cloud computing and data analytics tools, we hope to democratize AI and provide an open platform for researchers across various sectors from healthcare, education, economics and sociology.

Winnie Cui, Region Lead in the Academic Outreach organization of Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) celebrated the latest scientific achievements from cooperation with local academia at the MSRA symposium today.
In the morning session, our experts in Data and AI demonstrated how the Microsoft AI platform, including tools, services and infrastructure, can help visualize, detect and predict data trends in sophisticated research work. Featured speaker: Fred Sheu, National Technology Office of Microsoft Hong Kong.
Industry veterans shared how human-AI interaction, machine learning, computer vision, speech, natural language processing enable them to push the computer technology frontier together. Helen Meng, Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong talked about “The Future of Computing: Human-AI Symbiosis”.
More than 150 local academic professionals across different research disciplines attended MSRA symposium to explore how the latest AI technologies would help unlock new research opportunities.
At the exhibition area, Microsoft technology experts demonstrated the use of AI technology for data modelling.