DCH Motor reaches new heights in customer engagement with Microsoft’s three cloud strategy

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With a legacy of over 70 years of operations, Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited (DCH) is a diverse motor and consumer products business, spanning across the automotive, healthcare, electronics, food and FMCG industries in 13 Asian markets.

Representing more than 20 renowned automotive brands in Hong Kong, mainland China and Southeast Asia, DCH Motor is committed to delivering quality customer care in motor distribution and services. To differentiate from the competition and better serve its customers, DCH Motor has recently embraced a cloud-first, data-driven approach through technologies on Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

“DCH strives to provide an unforgettable, seamless customer experience, personalized for each consumer and unique for each brand it represents. With an increasing amount of customer touchpoints, the challenge is to build a sustainable customer relationship management ecosystem that will empower our 300 sales and 500 operations employees to work more efficiently, and provide higher service levels to our thousands of valued customers daily”, said Alex Lee, Executive Director, Head of Motor & Yacht of DCH.

Perfecting customer relations with an intelligent CRM strategy

“Hong Kong is a highly mature automotive market. It is easy for customers to gather market information and find comparable substitutes. Furthermore, our customer’s expectations are sophisticated and preferences are constantly changing. We wanted to build a personalized profile of our customers by understanding their evolving interests and needs, hence enabling us to provide the right services and products at the right time”, said Kenneth Chan, Head of Motor Hong Kong – Passenger Vehicle at DCH.

With Dynamics 365, DCH Motor is redefining its role and relationship with customers by driving a customer-centric transformation that empowers sales, marketing and service representatives with data-driven insights and automated workflows.

Dynamics 365 centralizes motor CRM records by integrating all business operation systems from marketing prospects to existing customer information and their business transactions, a process optimized by AI and Common Data Services. This allows DCH Motor to gain a single, holistic view of each customer and deliver a completely personalized customer engagement approach.

By integrating detailed insights and interactions in a single platform, DCH can clearly define customer segments through demographic and lifestyle analysis. The marketing team is empowered to design tailored journeys across each brand and use automation to deliver the best offer to the right customer at the right time.

One platform, unlimited opportunities

Leveraging platform extensibility including PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, different teams can capture prospects, nurture leads and make competitive offers to customers in an agile and effortless way, anytime and anywhere. The solution effectively delivers faster and smarter on-the-ground transactions at showrooms and automobile expos, giving staff the tools they need to close successful transactions while connecting with their customers.

Microsoft Dynamics provides DCH Motor with an array of rich and comprehensive data analytics capabilities. Through Power BI, DCH executives and management have total visibility into virtually anything that goes into the system. This allows business and marketing teams to better analyze sales performance and customer values in real-time, drive actionable insights and quickly react to changing market conditions.

Modern collaboration with new productivity tools

Given ongoing expansion and the scale of DCH operations, it can be difficult to share information effectively across different business units. After a closer look into its internal information systems, the company recognized the value of driving synergies across teams and has begun transitioning away from traditional communications channels like email and designated servers to cloud technologies like Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

“Office 365 enhances our ability to collaborate in a far more efficient way. Teams is the hub where our colleagues from different regions get together for meetings and chats, and directly collaborate on files hosted on SharePoint and OneDrive. Cloud features such as co-authoring, version history and automated workflows have also transformed how we work as a team”, said Elven Leung, General Manager of Motor Club.

A scalable, secured cloud offering

To facilitate its digital transformation, DCH Motor migrated legacy processes to Microsoft Azure for enhanced agility. “Selecting Azure was a logical choice for DCH Motor”, said Ravel Lai, Chief Digital Officer, “We wanted to take advantage of the cloud and were looking for a platform we could grow with. Azure was the perfect platform for our digital transformation.”

The impact is real

DCH Motor has truly adopted a three-cloud approach and dramatically improved its customer service capabilities by having up to 4x engagements with customers throughout the sales cycle. This means that DCH team members can make service decisions based on information from more than 10 customer touchpoints and easily develop long-term customer relationships. Over the past year, DCH has successfully migrated sales data to SharePoint, so that its employees can access the most updated sales catalog at anytime.

“We are very pleased to have Microsoft as our digital transformation partner, with their integrated approach building on Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI and Azure. It is amazing to experience the true power and business impact that these solutions bring to us. And what makes the partnership unique is the unflagging support from the Microsoft Enterprise Services Team, for their dedicated efforts and commitment to achieving every milestone and overcoming every challenge with us throughout the entire project,” said Alex Lee, Executive Director, Head of Motor & Yacht of DCH.