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How AIA is using technology to ensure business continuity and delight customers

“We want to be life partners to our customers. Empowering them and enabling them to understand and manage their health. Technology speeds up all processes and in this respect we are giving our customers choice, convenience, and control over how they want to connect with us.”
—Ann Yung, Chief Life Officer, AIA Hong Kong and Macau

In the second episode of Business on Air, we are delighted to invite Ann Yung, Chief Life Officer, and Patrick Lam, Chief Technology Officer of AIA Hong Kong and Macau. Innovation plays a critical role in delivering growth and success. In order to help people and the community to live healthier, longer and better lives, AIA is transforming its business with Technology, Digital and Analytics, the core of a strategy for digital transformation. The idea is to help AIA customers navigate uncertainty with uninterrupted support and to improve the way the company interacts with customers, employees and distribution channels.

AIA introduced its Technology Digital Analytics (TDA) strategy in August 2020 with the aspiration to transform AIA into an organisation of the future.

Learn more about:

  • Technology as a building block for speed and agility
  • Financial Planner and customer transformation
  • Managing organisational change at scale

Ann Yung, Chief Life Officer of AIA Hong Kong and Macau

Patrick Lam, Chief Technology Officer of AIA Hong Kong and Macau

In this episode, Ann and Patrick sit down with our Insurance Lead Louisa Li to tell us more about AIA’s transformation and how it is delivering results for their customers, people and distribution partners.

Technology as a foundation for transformation

“Technology Digital Analytics is the heart of our strategy. For AIA, it is important because it allows an organisation to transform for the future. Cloud-first-policy and technology form the foundation for everything that we do at AIA.”

“Technology speeds up all processes and in this respect we are giving our customers choice, convenience, and control over how they want to connect with us. It is very different from the past where people would reach out through the phone or go to physical locations. Now they have other options to reach out to us, anytime, anywhere.”

Empowering financial planners and customers with streamlined platforms and applications

“Under Covid, a lot of our financial planners had difficulty reaching out to customers in person. We provide a remote platform that lets financial planners maintain business and dialogue with our customers virtually online. This was one of the first measures we implemented, and the level of service remains as high as ever. Additionally, many financial planners use the virtual platform for recruitment and onboarding.”

Financial planners can also make use of new AI capabilities to understand customers better. For example, applications that highlight protection gaps; financial planners can use these to help customers better understand the services AIA provides that are most relevant to their needs.

“AIA Connect is already one of our key apps with over 1 million customers already. We all continue to build this super ecosystem, so that we connect them with our AIA Vitality Programme, our AIA Health & Wellness 360 Programme, and all the programmes that will be able to give our customers a better insight of their protection gaps and protection needs. This super ecosystem we are building right now will also enable our customers and prospects better understand what they get from AIA as part of our professional service. Obviously, last but not least, financial planners and customers are both key for us, so we will help them through this transformation.”

Managing organizational change at scale

“You must be able to manage change in your organisation and ensure the acceptance and adoption of digital platforms.  At AIA, we have 3.3 million customers. We have a lot of sales channels and our staff in Hong Kong to think about. It’s important that everyone is on board with our journey, and we are fortunate that we decided to embark on it a couple of years ago. This means learning, unlearning, and change in general is already part of people’s mindset. If any organisation is serious about transformation, as we are, they will achieve it through determination.”

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