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Paradigm Shift: A Microsoft India podcast

Today, humans all over the world are armed with the brilliance of not only their own intelligence but that of machines as well. The question that is staring us in the face, however, is this: Imagine all that is possible when human talent meets technological prowess?

In this season of Paradigm Shift, you’ll hear eight fascinating stories that will tell you about the kind of metamorphosis that is possible at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence. The good that such game-changing technologies can inflict on our lives, our country, and our society at large.

a visual representation of a cloud with the text: Episode 1, after the storm

Weather forecasting is a tough business. There are many variables, and the margin for error is slim. And errors in prediction here can have dire, life-altering consequences. How can artificial intelligence (AI) help us gauge the weather better and thereby save lives? Perhaps, an AI model that can predict a flood 15 days before it strikes?

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Armed with Microsoft’s AI for Humanitarian Action grant, SEEDS is using AI to save lives during disasters. Click here to find out how they do it.

A banner with the name of the episode, Not so lost in translation

India is a country of languages. In a country where dialects and nuances change every few hundred kilometers, how does one communicate across regions without barriers? How can local merchants access bigger markets in other states with the help of technology? Just imagine the business and cultural possibilities across states if technology and AI could make translation easy and seamless.

an image of cricket pitch

From analyzing every cricketing shot in the book, to infusing intelligence on the chessboard, to reimagining how fans engage with the players and the game–AI is shaping the next best move in sports. In this episode of Paradigm Shift, we talk to Grandmaster Kruttika Nadig and Abhishek Binaykia , the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at Spektacom, founded by cricketer Anil Kumble, to uncover the increasing role of tech and AI in sports.

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Anil Kumble’s Spektacom is bringing an intelligent edge to batsmen with IoT and AI. Click here to find out how.

Episode 4: Green Revolution 2.0

How can artificial intelligence become a farmer’s friend? IoT devices are gauging the changing nature of soil, and applications are keeping farmers updated on a crop’s changing needs. In Episode 4 of Paradigm Shift, listen to experts on how AI can help in seeding another green revolution. Featuring Ananda Verma, founder of Fasal; Jibu Elias, Researcher at India AI; Ram Dhulipala, former scientist at ICRISAT; Ranveer Chandra, Senior Researcher at Microsoft; and Vikram Kumar, Associate Director at Wadhwani AI.

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episode 5: scanning the skies

What if we told you that AI is the next big ally in biodiversity conservation? What if everyone with a smartphone help in documenting the vastly spread species of plants and animals? Hear about the latest advancements in this episode.

Episode 6: Life Saving Algorithms

Here is a big question – can AI assist doctors diagnose major health concerns like heart attacks or cancer earlier and help them take preventive action? Listen to the latest episode of #ParadigmShift to find out what healthcare professionals think about the role of AI in hospitals.

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Nearly three million heart attacks happen in India every year and there are 30 million people who are suffering from coronary diseases. Despite the sheer number of cases, doctors in India are unable to identify the probability of cardiac ailments when patients come for their regular health check-up. That is till Apollo Hospitals and Microsoft teamed up to create a heart risk score specifically for Indian population. Click here to find out how.

Episode 7: Through the time machine

This week, we travel on a time machine to Svalbard, Norway, bringing alive a series of paintings from five centuries ago. The Arctic World Archives is a safe repository for world memory, where heritage in digital format is stored in conditions made to last for centuries. In this episode of Paradigm Shift, we explore how AI is helping preserve cultural heritage.

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INTERWOVEN, an AI-powered platform from Bengaluru’s Museum of Art & Photography is connecting the museum’s South Asian textile collection with artefacts from partner museums from across the world to find common threads that connect us all. Find more here.

Episode 8: innovating Responsibly

Over the past seven episodes, you’ve seen applications of AI that have taken us from agricultural fields, to off-field net practice with Spektacom’s Power Bat, from not getting lost in translation to reconstructing ancient cities and scripts, from predicting critical ailments in advance to preparing for natural calamities with enough time to get to a safer place.

But, at the core of it all, there’s a responsibility on each one of us – as shapers and users of technology. We explore the dynamic duality of building a responsible AI strategy and driving business growth. As AI continues to accelerate innovation across industries, how are organizations internalizing a culture of driving responsible innovation?

Listen to the final episode of Paradigm Shift, with voices of Jean-Philippe Courtois, EVP, Microsoft; Dr. Sriram Rajamani, Managing Director, Microsoft Research India; and a host of industry leaders and innovators.

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