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SMS Organizer now helps you save money with the right offers at the right time

A text message offering discount on gym membership. Another one to claim your exclusive, online shopping coupon. Yet another one with a cashback offer on your favorite pizza! Ten minutes more and you have a dozen text messages in your SMS inbox including spam, promotions, bank transactions among others.

Sorting through the deluge and getting to the right offer when you really need it is a time-consuming and cumbersome task. We hear you and today we’re excited to bring a new feature to SMS Organizer that will help you save money with offers that get lost in the flood of text messages you get every day.

SMS Organizer will now scour your SMS Inbox for text messages with special offers in them and show you the best offers within your inbox in a dedicated Offers Hub. What’s more, SMS Organizer understands your preferred services and categories where you transact the most and you will see offers customized for you and not everything that reaches your inbox.

Even if you don’t get enough relevant offers via text messages, SMS Organizer also collates offer coupons from the web, in partnership with Bing Offers, to ensure you get the best offers for your needs from the convenience of your inbox. All you need to do is click on the coupon code and paste it in the app or service you are using.

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We’ve also integrated offers within the bill payment notifications you get from SMS Organizer to ensure you save money while paying your bills. What’s more, if you permit SMS Organizer to read usage stats, it will show you relevant offers as a notification whenever you open any app where you make transactions. You don’t need to spend time searching for valid coupon codes every time you transact any more. Let SMS Organizer do it for you!

We built SMS Organizer as a hackathon project as part of the Microsoft Garage with an objective to make your SMS inbox more meaningful. Launched in March 2017 and available only in India for Android devices, SMS Organizer uses sophisticated on-device machine learning models to sort through messages, classifying them as personal, transactional and promotional. This ensures users get through to the most important ones easily and quickly.

And, it does this entirely offline, on the smartphone itself, without any data transfer outside the device for processing to ensure user privacy. Currently, nearly a million users easily keep track of their financial statements, upcoming bill payments, movie and restaurant reservations, travel details, and much more with SMS Organizer.

We’re rolling Offers on SMS Organizer gradually, so watch out for the Offers Hub in your inbox. If you are not on SMS Organizer yet, what are you waiting for? Download SMS Organizer for your Android device today.


SMS Organizer Team