Microsoft & partners drive digital transformation in India

The confluence of three trends viz., a massive explosion of data, intelligence from machine learning and advanced analytics, and the economics and agility of cloud computing, is driving transformation across entire systems of production, management and governance today.

Microsoft’s ambition is to democratize this digital revolution by providing the building blocks to empower organizations large & small – enabling them to build, innovate and transform, and see real business impact and results fast.

With an open and flexible platform and productivity solutions, the Microsoft cloud is fueling innovation and accelerating transformative change across organizations by helping them

  • engage with customers with tailored and immersive experiences
  • optimize operations through cost savings, cloud based automation, IoT and operational insights
  • embrace business transformation businesses through mobility, better customer relationship management, analytics and improved agility
  • improve employee productivity through improved collaboration and new age ISV solutions on cloud.

This week, Microsoft and PwC entered into a strategic relationship to jointly to power digital transformation in large and mid-sized organizations in India.  PwC is now a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. PwC will extend Microsoft’s outreach to organizations of all sizes and across many industries – Financial Services (Banking & Insurance), Government & Public Sector, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods & Durables, Retail / eCommerce, Healthcare and Pharma-  to help start their cloud and digital journey. Microsoft’s productivity and personal computing solutions and cloud computing platforms will be supplemented by PwC’s expertise across Strategy & Management Consulting, Digital Transformation, Technology Consulting, Big Data & Analytics, Cyber Security, Tax solutions and Compliance.

Here are examples of new, innovative and transformative use of technology.

Engaging with customers with tailored and immersive experiences

Amway India, the country’s leading direct selling company, as a part of its Amway NEXT strategy is targeting to offer a better experience to its customers and distributors.  The company launched a digitally-enabled Experience Store in Bengaluru earlier this year.  The Experience Store leverages multiple new-age technologies such as ‘Augmented Reality’, ‘Gamification’, ‘Virtual Makeover Solution’, ‘Interactive Table Application’ and ‘Virtual Cart’ to give an immersive experience to the user. Amway India partnered with Microsoft to conceptualize and design the store with an aim to transform the consumer and distributor experience. The project team from Amway and Microsoft analyzed each stage of the distributor/consumer buying pattern to work out a solution which can potentially transform the customer experience for every transaction.

Driving better car driving experience and transformative insurance through analytics

CarIQ, a Pune-based hardware startup, is leveraging Microsoft cloud to enable deep analytics and scalability to process data and offer an exciting product to car owners. The device collects data directly from the car, uses big data analytics to understand this data, and recommend action steps to the car owner to help drive safer and maintain his car. Information and Data on driving can help insurance companies offer better differentiated insurance to car owners.

Other recent examples to organizations that are driving transformation with technology

Sri Chaitanya Schools have personalized their learning using Microsoft Edu-Cloud, while maintaining superior quality education across 300 schools. Using Microsoft Edu-Cloud, the teachers are able to provide better teaching experience and students are getting much more stimulating learning environment. Microsoft Edu-Cloud supports students, teachers and school administrators through virtual learning platforms, easier content access, discussion boards, cloud storage, analytics & dashboard for learning outcomes, monitoring and improving teacher pedagogy, and creating custom learning modules.

NIIT has chosen Microsoft Azure for its flagship insurance product, delivering flexibility to manage different product lifecycles, speed of launching new products, and easy integration – all resulting in a seamless and painless experience for their customers. NIIT’s Advantage Suite powered by Microsoft Azure frees insurance customers from on premise constraints and strengthens the NIIT Technologies-Azure Centric technology trajectory.

Fortis Healthcare, the leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider in India, is differentiating itself in the healthcare industry using Microsoft cloud by creating value for their organization and offering a better experience for their patients. It is using power of technology for accurate diagnosis and the best possible clinical care. The Azure platform ensures that customers have a consistent experience across Fortis hospitals.

SBI Life is using a mobile-based tool (Vymo) that runs on Microsoft Azure. Using Vymo, SBI Life has empowered its sales force by enabling real time visibility of all activities, collaboration across teams to achieve sustainable sales goals, and greater security for data.

Annik, a global data and analytics solutions company, uses Microsoft CRM to gather insights into its business, and proactively anticipate customer needs. Microsoft CRM provided Annik with the ability to gather insights into its business, and proactively anticipate customer needs, increasing the company’s ability to optimize its sales pipeline, and ensure better customer satisfaction.

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