Microsoft Talent India 2014

It is just fantastic to be talking to the youth of this India. The energy is palpable, the optimism is palpable, and the confidence is here to be seen. I have had the chance to meet many people in India broadly, I have been able to get that sense.

If you look at what is happening today in India, look at the business model innovation, look at the designs that are made for this country, and at the same time, the engineering skills, it’s that coming together. That multi-disciplinary approach to innovation which is what I believe all of you represent, is perhaps going to shape and change what you will do and what you will create.

It really comes down to the ingenuity of the human capital in this country; most of the opportunity and change gets created.

I do believe in the long run, EQ does trump IQ.

Perhaps most important of all, is you (students) have to fall in love with what you do.  Because everything else then simply becomes easy.

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