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What’s Hindi for exaggeration? Anyone? No? Well, if you had the Shabdkosh app you’d have known the answer in seconds. It’s atishayokti


September 08, 2013
Shabdkosh app helps to find exact words in HindiDownloads:

If you often get stuck for want of exact words in Hindi or English and want to wow people with your vocabulary, then the Shabdkosh App on Windows 8 and Windows Phone is the perfect solution for you! Download this dictionary app on your Windows 8 powered PCs and phones and get meanings of all the words you don’t understand! You can search words from English to Hindi and vice versa. So up your vocabulary and impress everyone. And if there are some words that you’ve never heard of before and can’t pronounce, worry not, Shabdkosh offers spoken pronunciations of words in both Hindi and English.

Apart from search, the app also has a auto-suggest feature that helps in finding words whose spelling you may not already know, making it easy to learn.

The Shabdkosh app for Windows 8 devices can be downloaded and reviewed here: and for Windows Phone devices here:

Psst….you can also save words for later use!

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