This Monsoon season get App ready!

With dark clouds roaring up in the sky, we know it’s time to welcome the monsoon season! After months of oppressive heat and irritable conditions, monsoon comes as a big boon in our lives. And as the much awaited hush falls our heart dances to the rhythm of the downpour. The weather becomes so mild and pleasant that it automatically changes the mood to the happier one. While most of us totally relish the monsoons, there are those who can’t stand the bare sight of rain. For them, it is the season of unstoppable pouring which hinders their movement out of their house. Well, since we cannot really do much about the monsoon, there is one way to keep abreast of the situation before you step out of home during monsoon is to have an accurate weather app on your smartphone.

Smart AlarmRemember! The last 5 minutes of your sleep when you drag yourself out of the bed for your daily exercise. Well, now play smart with time and save your last minute sleep with Smart Alarm app.  This app is an accurate alarm which reacts based on weather conditions set by the user. Smart Alarm achieves this by performing intermittent weather checks based on the users’ current location to ensure the user has an accurate, credible weather alarm.



Weather HDWhile rain is a phenomenon romanticized year after year, the fact is that the rainy season brings with it its own set of problems, one of which is carrying an umbrella. So to carry or not to carry an umbrella is no more a worry for you with the Weather HD, a weather app based on geographic information. Users can collect the city weather one search in the app. Users can enjoy the landscape photos while one view the weather information and then plan accordingly.


Style SaintIf you need a makeover and worried about going out to the saloon without getting drenched in this Monsoon Season than download Style Saint App now and get dressed up like a Diva every day. This app helps you get styled up with the daily style notes that will keep you updated about the Fashion world. Be stylish with thousands of images hand-selected by savvy in just a click.



TrafficWe all know that during monsoon season long Traffic jams are very common. But if you already know which route has less traffic, then it can make your life easier. With Traffic Forecast application on Windows phone you would know geographic information of different routes with estimate time.



Unlimited MP3 Downloader Getting bored while driving? Listen to your favourite music on your way to office on a perfect weather day with Unlimited MP3 Downloader app available on Windows Phone!




QuickFoodHungry Kya? With the monsoons, comes the craving for your favorite food..On your way to work, pick something to eat with the help of QuickFood app. The app finds your location and speaks out the restaurant details besides showing it on the map.



MyCarzBetaEverybody is aware of the fact that during monsoon season your car can stop working anytime and anywhere. So if your car broke down on your way to work. Don’t worry MyCarzBeta app on Windows Phone allows you to find the nearest workshop and provide you car maintenance tips to ensure your car is always at the optimum level.

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