Top 5 must have apps for first day of College

Admission rush is over, and the only thing youngsters are now worried about is their first day at college. While some are dieting, others are on a shopping spree — anything to ensure that they look and feel their best when colleges open. And why not? it’s a day they’ll never forget. For some, the day will bring friends for life, and for others it may be intimidating and awkward. Here are some must have 5 Apps available on Windows Phone that will help you make your first day at college more memorable.


Clicking endless pictures on your first day of college is an unwritten rule. And sharing them with your friends is even more important. Shoot makes it easy to send a big batch of photos or a large video directly from your Windows Phone to your friends. It doesn’t matter what device they use or which network they are on: Shoot just works. Shoot is powered by BitTorrent Sync’s peer-to-peer technology, so sharing large files is never a problem. Files move directly between people without going through the cloud and your data remains completely private.



Often in new places we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. Now chill and leave behind your fear of getting lost in the crowd with the Maps+ app. This app will help you find cool and happening places around your campus on your first day of college. Just download the Maps+ app and keep exploring new places. This app works with HERE Drive – so you can also save date and work offline along with Voice guided GPS navigation.


Smart BudgetSmart Budget

If there is one thing that college students need to worry about other than attendance-it is managing everything within their fixed pocket money. But with Smart Budget app on Windows Phone you can manage your finances in the simplest and easiest ways. It’s clean and elegant UI helps you keep track of all of your pocket money and expenses. It’s like having an accountant in your pocket!


Style SaintStyle Saint

Dressing up in the morning can take a toll on you especially while choosing what to wear, and proves the biggest hurdle that needs to be crossed. Wasting the precious early morning time is a thing of the past with the great app StyleSaint on your Windows Phone. Choose from the handpicked images selected by the esteemed StyleSaints around the globe and save them in your StyleBooks for future references.

StyleSaints guides you on how to pair and match your dresses like never before, and exposes you to tutorials that ensure you look your best. It comes with an amazing feature that lets you create your own digital fashion magazine with your selected images, collection of your best dresses at your fingertips.


Hairstyles Step By StepHairstyles Step By Step

On your first day of college, you obviously want to look different than usual and hairstyle plays an important role when it comes to transforming your appearance.

With this application you can create new styles to your hair in your everyday life. You can apply that of hairstyles to your hair easily. You can see how to do hairstyles step by step with located and added hairstyles. And then you can easily apply to your hair. You can also add most favorite hair styles to your favorite.

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