Windows Phone Update 3 Announced

New Delhi – 15, October, 2013: Microsoft today announced Update 3 for Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Update 3 comes with new capabilities and platform enhancements that will ensure a much better overall experience. It allows for newer Windows Phone devices in the future with larger, 1080p HD displays that allow you to further personalize your phones by pinning more people, info and apps that matter on the home screen. Other features include custom ringtones for more things, rotation lock, better storage management, app switcher, better Bluetooth and phone set up for wi-fi. Windows Phone Update 3 will begin rolling out to existing phones in the coming weeks and will continue over several months.

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October 14, 2013

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Update 3 further offers features like Driving Mode which helps you get from point A to point B with fewer distractions. Designed to limit notifications on the lock screen — including texts, calls, and quick status alerts — until you’re safely parked, the Driving Mode can also be configured to send automatic replies to people who call or text when you’re behind the wheel, to let them know you’ll get back to them. Another highlight of the new update is Mobile Accessibility, a suite of apps designed to make Windows Phone easier to see, hear, and use for visually challenged and visually impaired users. What’s more, in Update 3, it is easier to use your phone as a data-savvy hotspot for Windows 8.1 devices. Just pair your phone and Windows 8.1 PC or tablet over Bluetooth, tap your network name, and you’ll be connected and ready to go. No need to enter a password or dig out your phone and turn on Internet Sharing.

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October 14, 2013

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“Windows Phone Update 3 will enable incredible new devices and enhance new capabilities for current users, improving the overall experience and reiterating our commitment to deliver the best to Windows Phone users. Amongst the many new features included is the Driving Mode, which is a must-have for safe, responsible driving.” said Vineet Durani, Director — Windows Phone Business Group, Microsoft India.

That’s not all, there is more to the Windows Phone 8 Update 3. Besides hundreds of under-the-hood performance tweaks and enhancements, there are also a bunch of small but handy new features, including:

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October 14, 2013

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  • More useful ringtones: With Update 3, you can use custom ringtones for more things — including instant messages, emails, voicemails, and reminders. You can also assign custom ringtones to contacts for text messages, so you’ll know who’s texting you without even looking.
  • No more twist and shout: The new rotation lock option keeps the screen fixed in place — even when you are reading in bed.
  • Better storage management: New storage settings make it easier to free up space on your phone and manage temporary files. A new category view shows what’s taking up space at a glance.
  • Easily close apps: Now you can use the App switcher to quickly close apps when you’re finished with them.
  • Wi-Fi access out of the box: You can now connect to Wi-Fi during phone set up, so you can start conserving cellular data right out of the box.
  • Better Bluetooth: There are several improvements to connection quality for Bluetooth accessories.

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