Digital health provider iMOKO lifts-off on Azure Stack by CloudCreator

 |   Microsoft NZ News Centre

As previously published on Revera.

New Zealand’s leading school-based digital health organisation, iMOKO, supports more than 8,000 children through an app which enables the remote diagnosis of non-serious conditions, such as skin infections, strep throat, and other health problems. New funding and contracts are set to boost patient numbers to six figures, with plans to extend the health programme to Pacific nations likely to add thousands more.

Looking to dial up the speed and performance of the iMOKO app, the not-for-profit’s executive team made the decision to deliver its backend LAMP stack from Azure Stack by CloudCreator.

Spinning up new servers and balancing cloud architecture “at the flick of a switch” across lookalike private and public Azure cloud platforms is a powerful shot in the arm for this pioneering health services provider.

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