BNZ Makes the Switch to Microsoft Teams

 |   Ashlea Lynch

BNZ branch employees

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) has been using Microsoft Office 365 for a few years and saw the value of Microsoft Teams early on.

BNZ switched to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business in January 2020. The impending COVID-19 lockdown in March called for dramatic adoption acceleration of this switch so every one of its thousands of employees & contractors could collaborate remotely.

“As well as helping BNZ manage the rapid rollout, Microsoft’s Customer Success Manager for Teams, Michelle Arthars conducted group training to bring BNZ staff up to speed, also supporting in the creation of training material for all users,” says Sameer Jagga, Modern Workplace Solutions Sales Manager at Microsoft.

BNZ staff continue to deliver banking services to their customers remotely. Senior Executives at BNZ were able to engage with all employees using Teams and Teams Live events. The collaboration power Microsoft Teams unlocked for BNZ is astonishing.

BNZ Executive Manager Technology and Operations, Nick Grieve, says: “The ease of use, the ability to collaborate seamlessly with one another, and the feature-rich environment made it an instant hit with our staff. As the COVID-19 crisis has escalated, Teams has quickly risen to become the cornerstone of how we work, managing everything from daily stand-ups to inter-team collaboration. Even though we can’t connect face-to-face, Teams is helping us stay connected and delivering for our customers, with 3.8 million chat messages, 85,000 1:1 calls, and over 6,000 meetings during the past month.”

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