Human 2 – Bold Leadership Through Crisis and Change

 |   Bob Glancy

Dan Walker Talent

“Stories are data with a soul” – Brené Brown

Microsoft NZ MD, Vanessa Sorenson, and Global Co-Chair of Indigenous at Microsoft, Dan Walker, are interviewed in a new book by Global Tech and Digital Recruitment Company, Talent International.

Talent’s annual publication series, Human, brings insights to life through the real experiences of people who are transforming our working world. No stats, no numbers, just raw and honest stories.

Dan Te Whenua Walker, talked to Talent about his journey to leadership, the challenges he has faced, and learning to connect with his Māori heritage. Take a look at Dan’s story in Talent’s Human book, collecting stories of bold leadership in times of crisis and change.

You’ll read deeply personal accounts from people around the world who have all navigated through difficult times. From surviving extraordinarily challenging childhoods, to making it through economic crises, managing imposter syndrome and overcoming personal illnesses, every single one has had their own unique obstacles in the pathway to where they are now.

Their stories are refreshingly raw and vulnerable. Leaving behind the standard corporate jargon, these leaders collectively paint a picture of authenticity and empathy – traits that have always been essential components of leadership, now more important than ever.

Human features participants from Microsoft, ANZ, Uber, Virgin Australia, Telstra, Tableau, Isobar, Ogilvy and Tech Nation among others.

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