Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Dialogues: Aotearoa New Zealand Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern interviewed by Microsoft President, Brad Smith

 |   Maciej Surowiec

APEC CEO Summit is a unique annual opportunity for the business and government leaders to discuss a variety of topics critical for the Asia-Pacific region. It provides a platform for the two communities to connect and exchange thoughts as APEC Governments are setting a policy agenda for the year ahead.

This year, in the wake of the global pandemic, the host country, Malaysia, organised on 19-20 November APEC CEO Dialogues 2020 in cyberspace. The leaders interacted in a virtual format under a theme “APEC Re-Imagined: Priorities in the Aftermath of COVID-19.”

Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, was invited, on behalf of the APEC business community, to interview the incoming 2021 Chair and Host country’s Head of Government, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern. During the conversation, Brad asked PM Ardern about a variety of issues of key importance to the region: economic recovery and the role of digitisation in it, combating climate change, and adopting digital model for public diplomacy.

You may watch the interview at the link below. The conversation sets the stage for Aotearoa New Zealand’s upcoming leadership in APEC in 2021 and outlines key regional policy priorities for PM Ardern in the year ahead.

YouTube Video

We are privileged to be part of APEC community and committed to continue working together with APEC and the upcoming Chair and Host, Aotearoa New Zealand.


Maciej Surowiec

Government Affairs Lead – New Zealand

Corporate, External & Legal Affairs (CELA)

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