Free Azure Certification Courses: Upskilling the tech sector to make the most of hyperscale cloud

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As Microsoft builds the country’s first hyperscale datacenter region, it has teamed up with its education providers to offer free Azure certifications to tech professionals wanting to further develop their skills and maximize their use of the cloud.

New Zealand’s cloud and AI adoption is increasing and this is creating more opportunities for businesses to grow and innovate. The New Zealand tech sector is expected to grow by around $1 billion a year, which is testament to the rate with which we are embracing new technology.

That’s why we’ve announced that we’ll build the country’s first hyperscale data center region in Aotearoa – because we’ve been noticing for a long time that our cloud maturity has been growing and we’ve reached a tipping point where there is a clear business case, driven by demand, for locally hosted cloud services.

However, while the datacenters will help put technology in the hands of businesses to enable and drive their own innovation journey, it also creates a need for more IT professionals with the right digital skills who can build and architect in an Azure environment.

Recent research from the NZ Tech Forum, MBIE and Microsoft, shows that companies spend less than 10% of their yearly budgets on upskilling staff. So, while technology is playing an increasingly important role in the way we do business, the truth is, the uptake of Azure by partners and customers as their preferred cloud product is outrunning the number of Azure trained IT professionals.

Plugging the skills gap.

This creates a clear opportunity for tech professionals to upskill to keep on top of a broad range of role-based certifications and what will likely be required for their careers and development.

To help, we are offering free Azure certification courses through our training partners Auldhouse and ACE starting in mid-March. Each course will deliver a tailored curriculum that will help developers and architects who are certified with other cloud providers, transition their skills and better understand an Azure environment. The courses are facilitated by specialised tutors who understand the offerings of different cloud providers, meaning they can help participants update their skills.

The aim of the free training is simple – we’re trying to develop a digital skills pipeline that provides immediate support to meet current industry needs. But, at the same time, we think we’ll be setting New Zealand’s tech industry up for success in the future too.

Why become Azure certified?

Azure certifications are well recognised within the industry and will put professionals in a good position to make the most of current opportunities. Whether that is being ready and able to help with major migration projects as we complete the datacenter region, building applications in the cloud for some of New Zealand’s most well-known businesses, working across our extensive partner network, or cutting your teeth in a small tech start up or independent software vendor to create the next big thing.

Carmen Vicelich, CEO and founder of local software vendor, Valocity Global appreciates the significance of having her team Azure certified.

“Azure enables us to build fast into global markets without having to worry about scale issues or security, enabling us to build both complex integrated platforms as well as serve huge markets such as India.”

“For our staff, maintaining ongoing certification and education is a critical aspect to ensure we are effective in guiding our clients and building our products in an environment that accelerates ongoing innovation and allows us to be the best at what we do.”

“It ensures every member of the development team is an expert in being able to make the best use of the technology available in the cloud. The result is we can focus on our software and not be concerned with different hosting environments or deployment technology.”

Upskill before the datacenters arrive.

Upskilling the tech workforce will equip professionals with the skills needed to increase productivity, participate in the digital economy, create new ideas and innovate better in the cloud.

We know from our conversations that Azure customers and partners want all the benefits of trusted, secure, compliant, and sustainable local services – however to make that possible we need trained and certified professionals to help them.

Now is the time for you to upskill and be ready for opportunities we know the market is crying out for. Sign up for a free Microsoft Azure certification course here.

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