Kickstarting Cloud Development: How Fulton Hogan Used Azure Devops To Speed Up Its Processes

 |   Microsoft New Zealand News Centre

Fulton Hogan operates a large number of construction and infrastructure projects around the country, and keeping track of the information involved in them can be a challenge. In order to provide better visibility of what’s happening on the ground, the development team at Fulton Hogan built data warehouses in Azure which allow for data inputted on the ground to be processed and put on a dashboard for monitoring processes. They had made a start on this work, but needed expert support to make sure the new system would achieve its goals.

Fulton Hogan approached Equinox IT, which used its Kickstart Cloud service to instruct the team about how to go about building this project. Equinox IT helped Fulton Hogan build data warehouses in Azure and implement Continuous Implementation/Continuous Development (CI/CD) development processes, allowing the Fulton Hogan team to become self-sufficient and look towards rolling out the new solution across the business.