Providing the cloud infrastructure Qrious needed to help New Zealand Cricket

 |   Microsoft New Zealand News Centre

nz cricket on computer


When New Zealand Cricket approached Qrious, asking if it could build a technology system that collected, cleaned and analysed all of its data to help with decision making, Qrious knew it would need a cloud provider that could not only host the tool, but scale it as the amounts of data increased. In the end, Qrious chose Microsoft Azure.

The outcome has been the creation of one of the most advanced data analysis platforms in world cricket. It pulls in data from wearables, weather and pitch reports, player nutrition and even live match data, then it applies machine learning and AI to help the coaches in their decision making around who should play in each game.

Qrious is a market leading data and AI partner for Microsoft, so it’s fantastic to see an organisation like Qrious, on the bleeding edge of technology, using data and insight, as well as Azure, to help New Zealand Cricket improve team performance.

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