Minecraft Launches Gagana Sāmoa cards

 |   Microsoft News Centre

Samoan is the third most spoken language in New Zealand, and Microsoft is launching a set of Gagana Sāmoa cards for Minecraft: Education Edition to support Samoan language and culture in schools.

Students at Sutton Park Primary in the Auckland suburb of Māngere were the first to receive packs at a special launch event on November 14, and schools across Aotearoa are set to follow.

Digital copies are also available online.

These special decks feature Samoan symbols, along with 52 translations, two Pacific-inspired Minecraft cards and a total of 30 new Gagana Sāmoa tech words developed especially for the resource. Instead of Hearts they feature the spearheaded design of Mola; Diamonds have become Moana; Spades have been swapped out for Matagi and Clubs are now Fetū.

This project was a true collaboration between Microsoft and the amazing Piki studios and Tagata Moana Trust, who designed the cards, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Pacific Peoples, Fotu o Mālama (Association for Teachers of Samoan Language at Secondary & Tertiary), F.A.G.A.S.A Inc. (Association for the Teaching of Samoan in Aotearoa) and SAASIA (Samoan Association for early childhood).

Microsoft has previously released a Te Reo Māori pack for Minecraft, and is currently working on a larger project inclusive of 12 Pacific nations.

To download your own Gagana Sāmoa cards, click here, and get a poster here.