Technology for Education Transformation in Philippines

The widespread availability of technology and devices has become an inevitable part of the way we live and work. Using technology is already second nature to today’s young people, and many schools have already adopted the use of personal devices as a teaching tool.

There are more devices than people in the planet. Gartner forecasts that 4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and will reach 25 billion by 2020. In the Philippines, mobile penetration is at 100 percent; smart phones are fast catching up with 38 percent of handset market share in 2015 according to Frost & Sullivan.

In response to the changing educational needs of young people, Felta Multi-Media Incorporated, partnered with Intel Education and Microsoft Philippines to launch a ruggedized, water-resistant laptop that’s powered by Intel Baytrail Quad Core processor and runs on Windows 8.1 with Bing and comes with Microsoft Office.

Aimed at school children, the device also comes with a macro lens that kids can use to explore objects, and a thermal scanner that can help teach them about their own bodies.

Mylene Abiva, Felta Multi-Media president and CEO, says that her company is eager to develop school technology solutions that encourages versatile and innovative learning. “As a company with 49 years of experience in the Philippine education market, FELTA offers valuable insight on the changing needs of educational institutions and the technology that can help learning more effective while still engaging and remaining relevant to students.”

Intel Microelectronics Philippines’ Business Development Manager, Carlo Subido, says “Intel Education believes that a transformative education initiative starts from a vision of student success where goals—and an understanding of how information communications technology (ICT) can help schools achieve those goals—drive change. From improving student achievement and bridging equity divides, to increasing student engagement and aligning skills with workforce needs, these goals are the beginning of global transformation Our partnership with Felta is part of our vision of helping education leaders and visionaries redefine today’s education system.”

Microsoft Philippines’ Windows Business Group Lead, Mae Rivera-Moreno adds, “Microsoft’s programs for education promote effective, immersive learning experiences to inspire teachers and students to realize their full potential. We believe that by giving students technology we help enrich their minds today, and by equipping and supporting a teacher with technology, we enrich students for a lifetime.” Microsoft currently has more than 24,000 partners worldwide that help deploy its solutions and products in education. Currently, over 100,000 teachers benefitted under the Microsoft Educators’ Network through certificate training programs, and reached over 3.1 million students. In the Philippines, Microsoft works with governments, communities, schools, and educators to use the power of information technology to deliver technology, services, and programs that provide anytime, anywhere learning for all. Adds Moreno, “Partnerships are key to Microsoft. It will take communities of committed, collaborative participants to advance education in the Philippines. This partnership with Felta is an important milestone for our education agenda.”

Concludes Abiva, “We are thrilled to launch the Felta device, and along with it, announce our partnership with technology giants, Intel Philippines, and Microsoft Philippines. We’re positive that our efforts will make education more interactive for both teachers and students, while contributing to the development of ICT for education industry.”

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Press release is developed by Microsoft Partner, Felta Multi Media, Inc.