Messy Bessy Embraces Digital Transformation to Spark Business Growth, Expand Workforce Inclusivity

Kristine Reyes-Lopez (Krie) Founder and CEO of Messy Bessy and HOUSE Foundation, Inc. (far right) with the scholars and graduates of the Helping Ourselves Program (HOP, a working student program) 

MANILA, Philippines⁠— Messy Bessy Cleaners Inc., a Filipino green and non-toxic household cleaning and personal care brand, has adopted a new digital platform that streamlines its daily manual operations, allowing for more business leads and social initiatives.

Messy Bessy was founded by Kristine “Krie” Reyes-Lopez to produce safe, locally sourced, and biodegradable self-care and home cleaning products. With its organic line of sprays, spritzers, cleaners, and scrubs, the company aims to protect not only the well-being and health of its consumers but that of the environment as well.

Besides sustainability, Messy Bessy also distinguishes itself through its mission for social good. Since 2007, the social enterprise has been fostering and providing jobs for at-risk and disadvantaged youth to help them get back on their feet. Scholars or “learners” of the company also enlist in its “Helping Ourselves Program” (HOP), which focuses on academic growth, values-formation, financial literacy, psychosocial support, and technical skills development.

The brand’s social capital and programs were built on years’ worth of solid business practices. When operations began, Krie’s kitchen served as headquarters to provide for a handful of boutique stores. In 2019, Messy Bessy’s 300m2 warehouse provided products to 22 mall kiosks within Metro Manila and over 100 retailers around the country.

As the business expands, Messy Bessy’s existing systems reached a point wherein they could no longer properly support its operations across the country. Incomplete or inaccurate reports from regional retailers became the norm because offline books would take longer to relay. This also meant that the company could not always meet the needs of its outlets, either through supply chain adjustments or increasing manpower.

To streamline data-sharing across its entire network, Messy Bessy partnered with Microsoft to adopt its Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The software establishes a cloud-based platform to house the company’s data on revenue sales, employee performance, and supply chain procurement. This technology aims to bridge the gap between the business and its customers, through AI-driven recommendations based on customer behavioral data generated from transactions.

As a result, Messy Bessy’s managers are better able to identify trends and patterns, making business optimization easier through ready access to organized historical data in the ERP system. Routine tasks are eliminated with the help of a unified dashboard for reporting and data encoding. Now, its sellers, managers, and supervisors don’t have to jump through different programs and applications, allowing for more efficient workflows and accurate reports.

“This partnership has given my staff and I have a sharper bird’s-eye view of our operations. Now that we know more about our customers, our sales, and our supply chain, we’re refocusing our agenda to establish more stores nationwide,” Krie said.

However, beyond improving operational efficiency or increasing profitability, the integration of technology is critical to Messy Bessy for its potential to empower its workforce.

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“As they’ve developed more confidence with the new system, I’ve seen learners grow into regular jobs as accountants, managers, and human resource personnel,” Krie added. “More than a story of business expansion, this is a shining example of how technology can spark redemption and personal growth.”

Messy Bessy’s digital expansion is testament to Microsoft’s drive to empower SMBs by enabling their employees to adapt and incorporate new technology into their daily work activities. Using Microsoft’s digital solutions, social enterprises have the opportunity to upscale their business while creating a more inclusive workforce for all Filipinos.

“Our mission at Microsoft is to drive innovation and enable its application to one end—to empower individuals and organizations to achieve more. It’s an inspiring story, seeing a homegrown Filipino business recognize and embrace the potential of technology, but even more so for their commitment to creating a positive impact on the lives of their staff and fellow men. We celebrate what Krie is doing and it is our goal to empower more such organizations across the country,” Microsoft Philippines Country Manager, Andres Ortola, said.