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Philippine employees open to flexi and digital workplace

Microsoft Asia Study says 79% consider themselves mobile workers today yet only 64% feel empowered by their organization to embrace the demands of the digital workplace Makati, Philippines, May 18, 2017 — Microsoft today unveiled findings of its Asia Workplace 2020 Study[1], where it found that employees in Philippines do … Read more »

10 Features You’ll Love in the Windows 10 Creators’ Update

Windows 10 Creators Update

At our core, every single one of us is a creator. Whether you’re architecting world-changing ideas, painting the next breathtaking masterpiece, or simply hammering out your next blog post, technology has empowered us to create like never before. With a slew of feature additions and improvements bundled into this major … Read more »

Happy Safer Internet Day! Let us all embrace digital civility

Technology is the great equalizer, yet few realize that with every benefit that technology brings, it can also enable negativity. In the digital space, for example, it is becoming the norm to see hate speech, negative comments and alternative facts, and more so in a way that impacts reputations, privacy, relationships and … Read more »