Celebrating a season of immense innovation and excellence demonstrated by our partners

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Microsoft Singapore & Asia Pacific Partner Awards of the year 2021

By Kevin Chan, Global Partner Solutions Lead, Microsoft Singapore

What an astounding year it has been. Over the past year, we have seen economies and businesses adapt to the challenges that the global pandemic has brought on by leveraging digital transformation strategies as they transform for success in the future.

And our partners have been with our customers through it all, showing amazing agility and creativity in building solutions based on Microsoft’s technology across the intelligent cloud to edge – all while adapting to these changes themselves. They are at the center of how Microsoft delivers technologies, products, and solutions to customers around the world; and this will not change.

Partnership: the core of a resilient, digitally inclusive Singapore

As Singapore continues to move forward in a borderless world, where no one man or company is an island, so will the demands of our businesses. There is an urgent need for our nation to continuously adapt and seize opportunities to stay relevant as we build a resilient, digitally inclusive society to advance the competitiveness of our country.

This is where our partners come in – they have been with our customers at every step of the way, through their relentless focus on building resilience and digital inclusivity. And as the world’s most innovative company and trusted ally for all, we see strong, robust partnerships as a key to driving resilience and innovation to achieve inclusive economic and societal progress and help Singapore realize its Smart Nation ambitions.

Celebrating excellence and innovation

Today, we celebrate our partners. Our Microsoft Singapore Partner of the Year Awards 2021 allows us to recognize and celebrate the outstanding successes and innovations that they have demonstrated time after time.

Over the past year, they have worked closely with us to drive capacity and technical intensity in priority solution areas across the Microsoft Cloud, including Modern Work, Security, BizApps, Surface, our Intelligent Data Platform, and the Azure Intelligent Cloud. They have also delivered cutting-edge innovation for our customers across an incredible range of key industries, including the public sector, financial services, manufacturing, and small and mid-size enterprises.

And the solutions our partners have developed are creating waves of immense impact across the board. For instance, embracing digitalization has allowed one of the largest energy players in Singapore to meet the rising global demand for sustainable solutions while ensuring a safe and flexible workspace during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Microsoft Cloud has also supported government agencies in their migration from on-premise infrastructure to the commercial cloud, to speed up the delivery and improve the quality of services for citizens and businesses. And our customers in the commercial banking space are able to successfully transform their future state and fuel business processes through the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Customer demand will continue to be driven by a need for greater digitalization, connectivity, and differentiated services, amid the need to better secure networks due to the rising threat of cyberattacks. All these trends have been accelerated by COVID-19, as well as ongoing economic and geopolitical challenges, and will continue to be top of mind for our customers. We will continue to invest in and alongside our partners, as we help our customers enhance their tech intensity and digitally transform for the future.

Charting the path forward

The reality is that our partners are the bedrock of our success. Microsoft has been in Singapore for over 30 years now and our partners have been at the core of how we deliver technology, services, and solutions to all our customers in Singapore and beyond. We will continue to invest and commit to strengthening our partner ecosystem, and help our customers navigate the volatility, uncertainty and change in our world today.

We sincerely congratulate and thank our Microsoft Singapore Partner of the Year Awards 2021 winners, finalists, and all partners for their trust, partnership, and commitment. We look forward to deepening our collaborations in the months to come, as we build a resilient, digitally inclusive Singapore.

Microsoft Singapore Partner of the Year Awards 2021 Winners

Awards Category Partner Name
Country Partner Of The Year Accenture and Avanade
Enterprise Accenture and Avanade
Public Sector Accenture and Avanade
SME Arcstone
Cloud Solutions Aggregator, Business Excellence Ingram Micro
Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Business Excellence AvePoint
Future of Work Transformation, Modern Work Telstra Purple
Security Insight Technology
Quantum Security
Surface JK Technology
Intelligent Cloud, AZURE Tech Mahindra
Intelligent Data Platform, Data & AI, AZURE Just Analytics
Tiger Analytics
Intelligent Line of Business, Business Applications KPMG
The Rising Star Logicalis
Societal Impact Telstra Purple
Industry Recognition Awards
Financial Services Institutions
Accenture and Avanade
Business Excellence Recognition Awards
Customer Experience
Sustainability Changemaker
Cloud Comrade
Surbana Jurong