Month: February 2014

The 4Afrika Youth Device Program: Bringing meaningful ICT into African classrooms

By Patrick Onwumere, Director of Youth Enablement, Microsoft 4Afrika When we think about technology in education, we don’t just think about putting devices into the hands of teachers and students. We think beyond it. We think about education, training and infrastructure – vital investments needed to support the effective integration of ICT into the classroom. We … Read more »

Three reasons to visit Innovation centers like the iHub

By Leila Charfi, Director, Innovation Partnerships, Microsoft 4Afrika Just over a year ago we launched Microsoft  4Afrika, an Initiative designed to accelerate Africa’s economic competitiveness by investing in Africa’s youth and small and medium businesses in three areas – skills, innovation, and access to affordable smart devices. From the start, we recognized that … Read more »

5 African startups that secured Microsoft 4Afrika innovation grants

By Amrote Abdella, Director – Startup Engagement & Partnerships: Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative Whenever we come across an entrepreneur looking to start a business in Africa, our first piece of advice is this: Develop solutions relevant to Africa. At Microsoft, we’re always working to identify and engage with promising startups – startups … Read more »