Life-long learning: A catalyst for bridging the digital skills gap in Africa

Woman wearing spectacles seated at a table
Image by African Business & Social Responsibility Forum

Education is empowering for all those that acquire it. It is a pathway to bridging the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in society.

At Microsoft, we are committed to investing our greatest assets – our technology, grants, people, voice and our work with non-profits and educators – to advance a more equitable world where the benefits of technology are accessible to everyone.

As a company, we recognise that to prepare for the future of work, youth across Africa must increase their digital fluency and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy across all populations. For this to happen, though, future-ready curricula need to be developed, with emphasis on computer science skills. It is our belief that this will, in turn, create a culture of life-long learning.

In that vein, it was a welcomed privilege to attend the African Business & Social Responsibility Forum in Rwanda held from 27 – 28 February, 2019. Hosted under the theme, Private sector involvement to improve the quality of education for all, the event saw more than 16 African countries represented, all advocating that Africa can, in fact, create more employment opportunities through educating Africans in skills that are in demand.

Five panelists sitting on a stage
Image by African Business & Social Responsibility Forum

Microsoft was also recognised for leading exemplary and innovative initiatives in sustainable development in Africa.

The world we live in is evolving and digital skills have become fundamental to success in so many environments – and leaving people in the dark about this major part of their world amounts to an unacceptable gap in their education. At Microsoft, our promise has always been that we believe technology is a force for social and economic inclusion, and we’re working to create a future where everyone has access to the benefits it provides and the opportunities it creates.

I am dedicated to helping others and even with all the achievements, recognition and impact that Microsoft has had on Africa as a whole, I believe that we can still do more. This is the driving force that propels me to ensure that we continue to work towards technological initiatives that inspire lasting change on the continent.

I was happy to represent Microsoft at the event and an award only fuels the drive to ensure that technology continually benefits everyone and not just the fortunate few.

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