Microsoft, the first global cloud provider to achieve Qatar’s National Information Assurance Certification

Lana Khalaf receiving the NIA certificate from H.E. NCSA President.

The certification was received during the Qatar Cyberspace Compliance and Assurance Conference

17 May 2022, Doha, Qatar – Microsoft has become the first global cloud provider in Qatar to receive the National Information Assurance Certification issued by the National Cyber Security Agency, confirming Microsoft cloud’s compliance with the Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards in its efforts to supporting the adoption of secure cloud and accelerating the country’s digital transformation agenda.

The certification also endorses the Microsoft Cloud services, processes and datacenter sites in West and North Europe regions, as compliant with the National Information Assurance policy With NIA certification, customers in Qatar can leverage Microsoft cloud’s computing capabilities to operate at a global scale while being compliant with Qatar national privacy laws and regulations, in addition to over 100 compliance offerings around the world.

Lana Khalaf, Country General Manager Microsoft Qatar received the certification from HE Eng. Abdulrahman bin Ali Al-Malki, President of the National Cyber Security Agency, during the Qatar Cyberspace Compliance and Assurance Conference held on Monday 16 May 2022.

“As we move forward in achieving our digital transformation agenda and Smart Qatar vision, it has become imperative for government entities, public and private enterprises to strategically manage cybersecurity risks,” said Eng. Dana Al Abdulla, Director of National Governance and Assurance Affairs at the National Cyber Security Agency. She added, “We acknowledge all the efforts that Microsoft has made toward achieving this important milestone on the path to organizational compliance. Awarding Microsoft the National Information Assurance Certification reflects our commitment to achieving a very high level of security for Qatar’s cyberspace.”

The certification represents a major milestone that Microsoft has been working towards in partnership with the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) for many years, and creates a clear path for government agencies to host higher classified data sets leveraging Microsoft cloud services. The certification will also accelerate the adoption of cloud technology across Qatar and offer confidence to the public and private sector that Microsoft Cloud services – including Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform – have undergone this level of assurance.

Commenting on this new milestone, Lana Khalaf, Country General Manager Microsoft Qatar reiterated the company’s uncompromising commitment to playing its role as Qatar’s trusted digital transformation partner. She said, “With our strong commitment to support the nation in its digital transformation journey to becoming an advanced knowledge-based economy.” She explained, “Digital transformation goes beyond just the technology – TRUST plays a major factor in the equation. Completing the NIA certification comes part of our uncompromising pledge to live up to the security requirements of Qatar, while simultaneously providing our public and private sector customers the assurances they need to trust our cloud services and platform with their data and businesses.” She added, “The NIA certification is a testament to Microsoft’s dedication towards safeguarding customers’ information and striving to deliver cloud services of the highest standard.” Khalaf congratulated NCSA on their successful event and thanked them for the continued partnership.

Microsoft invests over $1 billion annually on security. The company has invested significantly towards building security into its core technologies like Windows, Office, and Azure, and in making strategic acquisitions of security technologies.

Microsoft’s soon to be launched new cloud region in Qatar will adhere to Microsoft’s trusted cloud principles and become part of one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world, already serving more than a billion customers and 20 million businesses. Microsoft’s cloud services are compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are certified for a large portfolio of international security and privacy standards, some of which form the basis of Qatar government policies, including the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ National Information Assurance Policy and the Cloud Security and Information Privacy Protection regulations.

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