Microsoft Qatar honours Showcase Schools for the academic year 2021 – 2022

لانا خلف مع ممثلي المدارس الحاصلين على لقب واجهة مايكروسوفت خلال حفل التكريم.

The Microsoft Showcase Schools, a leading global programme to select schools that best optimize the use of technology in the world.

Doha, Qatar – 1 June 2022 – Eleven Qatari public and private schools have been awarded the “Showcase Schools” status for the academic year 2021 – 2022, according to the classification of Microsoft Corporation, after participating in the program offered by the company. These schools represent the new and returning cohort of Microsoft Showcase Schools in Qatar.

The scheme aims to raise the efficiency of the educational system and enhance students’ standard through an array of cutting-edge modern learning strategies that push forward digital transformation, development momentum and cultivate creativity and innovation, keeping abreast of the 21st Century Skills.

The Microsoft Showcase Schools is a yearly certification world-standard project that selects schools that best implement specific criteria in incorporating technology in education.

The Microsoft Showcase Schools for the year 2021 – 2022 are: Al Maha Academy for Boys, Alkhour Preparatory School, Hind bint Abi Sufyan Secondary School for Girls, Qatar Primary School for Girls, Ashiffa Bint Abdulrahman Alansaria Primary School for Girls, Al Maha Academy for Girls, Durham School for Girls, Al Jazeera Academy- Ta’allum Education Group, Abu Obaida Preparatory for Boys School, SEK International School Qatar, Qatar Science and Technology Secondary School for Boys.

Lana Khalaf, Country General Manager of Microsoft Qatar distributed the awards to the representatives of the schools and congratulated them on achieving the “Showcase School” status; in attendance were representatives from the Permanent Committee for e-Learning at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

During the event, principals from seven schools highlighted their participation in the programme which enabled them to develop their establishments.

Testimonials from some schools:

Hind bint Abu Sufyan Secondary School for Girls

Mariam Numan Al Emadi, Principle

Without any doubt, in our school we have applied technology in our classes through using Microsoft tools which helped my students reach their full potential. We are leveraging Microsoft tools and apps such as Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, Sway, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Word, Forms, to improve the teaching / learning outcomes for our staff and students and equip them with future-ready skills.

SEK International School

Verónica Sánchez, Head of School

Since the foundation of SEK-Qatar in 2013, we built our systems around Microsoft tools and this helped us to become a cloud-00based school since day one allowing us to work collaboratively and safely with the cloud-based backup.

Tools like Microsoft WhiteBoard, FlipGrid, PowerPoint (also to create screen recordings) and Stream, have been critical specially during the COVID19 pandemic. These tools in conjunction with the Stylus has really saved education during these though times.

Technology is in all aspects of our lives, so it makes sense to educate the future generations using the available tools and the ones they really understand as digital natives.

I believe that “Technology is not a subject, it is a tool to improve teaching and learning”. In my understanding, technology is an amazing tool to improve the teaching and learning experience.

We are still in the beginning of an incredible journey in which technology is pushing the boundaries of the education to new limits and we, educators, need to reinvent ourselves as the drivers of this new way of learning. I am confident that educators will be needed at least for a long time, but the role of the educator is changing and educators need to be ready for this change.

Al Maha Academy for Boys

Peter Kubicki, Principle

In Al Maha Academy for Boys, we use Microsoft O365 Tools for daily activities, such as MS Teams, Forms, OneDrive, Sway and Stream. We started delivering online/hybrid lessons only after 2 days from the schools Covid-19 lock-down, since all our stakeholders were trained and more than ready.

We use Microsoft tools for delivering online/hybrid lessons, assigning homework, communicating with students and parents, analyzing the students work and progress, sending useful information to parents, and intervention and booster classes.

Students and parents already demand the use of technology tools since, nowadays, individuals are already coupled with the use of technological devices from an early age. The flexibility that Microsoft O365 tools provide allows students to carry out their studies at their own pace and their convenient time. It enables individual differences and improve the relationship between students and teachers and encourage collaboration between students.

Durham School

Shilji Haris, ICT Director

Durham School had started its journey on ‘Microsoft Digital model’ right from its inception in 2019. 3 years into operations now, we are proud to be partnering with Microsoft on our digital transformation to provide the best learning experience to our students. All of the staff in the school are using Microsoft Surface Pro devices and most of the students are using MS Surface Go devices for their routine activities, be it administration, teaching or learning.

With ever developing technology, it is becoming more easier for teachers to introduce innovations in teaching, at the same time the students find learning more and more exciting as they constantly get to experience new tools that keep up their enthusiasm. 

Al Maha Academy for Girls

Jeanette Azouz, Principal

Microsoft Teams is an essential tool which has revolutionised teaching and learning, collaboration, and communication across the Academy and the wider Al Maha Academy for Girls’ community.

Nadia Waja, Head of Primary

I would like to express the value that using Power Bi has added to our Primary department.

For the last three years, we’ve used the tool extensively to analyse data to measure student progress, attainment, attendance and behaviour. Middle managers are able to access data with the click of a button.  The ‘drill-down’ feature assists us with digging deeper thereby giving us an in-depth analysis of results. The tool is easy to manipulate and is very user-friendly.  Power Bi has transformed the way we use data to drive improvement.  We’ve been exposed to new features at each check point, which has been really super!

Feryal Mustafa, Secondary Assistant Head Teacher (Teaching and Learning)

As the Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning at AMAG I have found the Reading Progress tool, which is embedded in Microsoft Teams, to be very useful and easy tool to use in the classroom.  It is designed to support and track the reading fluency of students in English lessons. Students record their reading on camera and submit it to the teacher. As the teacher marks and returns the students’ work, data is automatically collected and organized, this easy and quick way to review and analyze the data has helped teachers spend more time and focus with students and less time analyzing data.  An excellent tool to support both teacher and student.

Al Jazeera Academy

Mohammed Didarul Islam Chowdhury, SDBA

Microsoft is front and centre at AJA. We share in the Ta’allum Group vision that Microsoft 365 is an integral part of teaching and learning in every lesson.

This is an area that will be more important as we develop a more cloud-based approach to working. Remote working with inter-connective possibilities, shared documents and collaborative working. These are happening on the ground but this will increase next year in particular.

The biggest strength of Al Jazeera is our use, across the academy, of Power BI. This tool is instrumental in allowing us to identify students’ progress at strategic points throughout the year and filtering this down through our levels of leadership, to the classroom and having an impact, knowing what we know about each class. Power BI was our starting point in a recent trial of new Islamic Values within the school, based on the sheer level of detail that we were able to go into, as it integrates seamlessly with our SIMS database. We are pleased that from classroom practitioners to senior leaders, we are all able to access the software, identify the information needed and then set about plans for impact based on what we find. This is an exceptional tool for schools.

This gives an idea of some of the ways in which we use Microsoft 365. We have plans for One Note and Sway next year as we are always innovating our practice. Watch this space!

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