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James 1:27 Trust successfully scales care using Azure

Established with the goal of scaling the quality and reach of care for the orphans and vulnerable young children (OVYC) sector, the James 1:27 Trust was founded in 2004. The idea for the Trust came about when founder and CEO, Robert Botha, found himself interacting with a number of HIV … Read more »

Azure helps provide better access for people with disabilities in Egypt

Helm Egypt started when co-founders, Amena El-Saie and Ramez Maher, came face-to-face with the difficulties that people with disabilities experience. El-Saie attended Dialogue in the Dark and felt what it was like to be blind for 90 minutes. “Dialogue in the Dark is an awareness-raising exhibition, where blind guides guide … Read more »

Crowdsourcing education: Tiktek’s solution for Israeli students

As fathers and grandfathers of junior high- and high school-aged children, Michael Levy and Avishai Erell saw first-hand the challenges their children encountered in completing difficult homework tasks. They also noticed how the teenagers used technology such as instant messaging, to work together and find solutions to the tasks they … Read more »