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Charles Nahas

General Manager, Middle East Cluster (MEC), Microsoft

As Regional General Manager, Charles Nahas heads Microsoft’s Middle East Cluster (MEC) comprising of key markets including Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain and Oman. An integral part of his role is to advance Microsoft’s mission with the aim to strengthen its footprint in the region, by working closely with governments, organizations and partners, to harness the power of the digital revolution and achieve more.

Nahas brings over 20 years of professional experience in the high-tech sector with leadership roles spanning multinational organizations, midsize companies and startups across Middle East and North America. He joined Microsoft in 2006 as General Manager for Eastern Mediterranean and Pakistan. And then took on the role of Business & Marketing Officer for the NEPA region (North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean & Pakistan) where he continued to spearhead the company’s growth.

In November 2013, Nahas was named General Manager for Microsoft in Kuwait, where he worked closely with public and private sector organizations to accelerate digital transformation and contribute towards the economic growth of the country.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Nahas has spent many years working in various leadership capacities in start-ups, midsize and multinational organizations in North America and the Middle East including Omnix Media Networks, Webraska Mobile Technologies, General Datacomm and Bell Northern Research (Nortel Networks).

Nahas is married to Salima and they have two daughters Yasmeen and Maysa, he has a Masters in Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a BE in Engineering from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.