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Young female student works from home using Microsoft technology.

Helping fight Covid-19 across the Middle East and Africa together

As our region and the rest of the world responds to the outbreak, our thoughts are with the people affected and the medical professionals working around the clock to help those most in need. At Microsoft, we’re working to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees. We’re striving to protect the health and well-being of the communities in which we operate. And we’re providing technology, solutions, tips, and resources to help people work and learn remotely while they stay safe and connected.

Outstretched hand holding a light bulb

Human ingenuity and technology are forging a new way forward for the Middle East and Africa

The new decade has got off to a challenging start, pushing humanity to the limit. And amidst navigating this uncharted landscape, it is all the more vital that we remain committed to the region, and deliver tailored technology solutions to help our customers and communities.

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Taking hands in the name of partnership. 

Public-private partnerships hold the key to future development

For Africa, digital transformation will be an enabler of rapid development across the continent, positively impacting the most vulnerable communities. Public-private partnerships will play a critical role in accelerating transformation.

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A young lady imagines the possibilities of innovation in Africa.

How investing in digital infrastructure can make the difference to Africa’s economic recovery

The impact of Covid-19 on Africa’s development can be either a massive barrier to advancement, or the spark that lights the fire of innovation and digital investment across the continent.

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On the left a girl with a tear going down her eyes, on the right side a mask that is written “stop”, in the middle an image of a blue butterfly with the faces of two women looking at each other

Finding technology-based solutions to tackle gender-based violence

Microsoft, together with the 1000 Women Trust and TEARS Foundation, have launched the Safe@Home Hackathon to address gender-based violence in South Africa. The virtual hackathon invites South African developers to create solutions to help victims of gender-based violence.

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A young female scientist in a lab setting.

Creating a rapid and scalable response to the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa

Supported by Microsoft 4Afrika, CPGR, with Thasa Technologies, developed a Covid-19 testing solution suitable for rapid production and roll-out in South Africa and across the continent, enabled by Microsoft Azure.

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Middle Eastern student working online from home.

Microsoft and UNESCO team up to boost employability in the Middle East and Africa

COVID-19 has hit the youth hardest – according to the International Labor Organization more than one in six young people are no longer working. Even those still employed have lost around a quarter of working hours.

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Red laptop on counter top

Microsoft launches two new Surface devices in South Africa

Microsoft has announced the expansion of its award-winning Surface device range into South Africa, with the introduction of the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 for both commercial and consumer customers.

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A young African man sitting in his workshop as he brainstorms new product ideas.

How global disruption can have local implications

Anticipating and mitigating for the impact of unforeseen global events on supply chain management is crucial if SMEs who are reliant on goods from an affected area are to survive.

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Young boy doing mathematics on a laptop in a classroom setting.

Vodacom Business and Microsoft partner to deliver a Digital Education Platform to usher connected digital education to SA’s learners

Vodacom Business and Microsoft South Africa have partnered to provide access to continuous, connected digital learning for South Africa’s education institutions, educators and learners through their Connected Digital Education initiative.

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Multiple individuals making use of laptops and other technology while doing their jobs.

Microsoft to help 25 million people worldwide acquire new digital skills needed for the COVID-19 economy

Microsoft Corp. announced a new global skills initiative aimed at bringing more digital skills to 25 million people worldwide by the end of the year. The announcement comes in response to the global economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

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Girl sitting on chair working on laptop

Microsoft highlights the critical role of AI in unprecedented times, at virtual summit

Microsoft held its first ‘Imagining the Future: Microsoft AI Virtual Summit’ to address how technologies like AI will play an important role to enable governments, businesses and communities navigate through unprecedented times, and build the new normal.

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Images of a virtual conference

Leading private education provider embraces online learning

What started as a pilot project two years ago with the ADvTECH Group to test the potential of remote learning at its South African schools, has evolved into a full-scale rollout to transform primary and high school education.

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Two people sitting on ground with laptop

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan deploys Microsoft Teams to over 100 universities.

To accelerate remote learning in a safe and secure environment, Microsoft is supporting the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan by deploying Teams for official online and remote learning interactions across more than 100 ublic and private universities.

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A multi-racial group of professionals collaborate on important issues – scanning a project via a laptop.

How socially-led innovation can bring positive change in unchartered times

Now is the time for Africa to actively promote socially-led enterprise to drive innovation, create a dynamic business ecosystem, and solve for the continent’s pressing social needs.

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Three students collaborating on a project in a library setting

Ensuring secure collaboration is key to digital learning

As more and more people across Africa are required to stay home, we are seeing a massive shift towards remote learning. This has meant the growth in the usage of collaborative tools such as Microsoft’s Teams.

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Mother assists her primary-school aged daughter during an online classroom session.

Online learning has set the future of education in motion

Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts across the Middle East and Africa agree online learning is helping students understand more about how they learn, what they’re interested in learning and the support they need to achieve.

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Woman working at her laptop in a boardroom

How to maintain your productivity when working from home

Now that we’re all working from home more often, it’s more important than ever to be aware of you and your team’s different work styles

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A young African man wearing a mask to protect himself from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Partnerships in Times of Crisis

4Afrika healthcare partners quickly adapted to confront the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. We support our partners to harness technology for good to provide healthcare solutions with a big impact.

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Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust uses Microsoft HoloLens to protect doctors while providing patient care amid coronavirus pandemic

One of the largest NHS trusts in England is using Microsoft HoloLens on its Covid-19 wards to keep doctors safe as they help patients with the virus.

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Man sitting at his desk with headphones on talking to another man on a computer monitor

Tips and tricks for working from home

With more people working from home than ever before, the need for seamless communication has never been greater. In regions such as the Middle East and Africa

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A group of MoE officials taking picture together 

Bahrain’s MoE accelerates e-learning across the Kingdom with Microsoft Teams as an educational platform

Bahrain’s Ministry of Education joined forces with Microsoft to accelerate its E-learning strategy and make the transition to remote education in the Kingdom. The effort has enabled public schools with free access to Office 365.

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An individual delivering a speech

IDC, Microsoft host digital event to discuss business continuity and cybersecurity in the era of remote working

IDC and Microsoft today hosted an exclusive webinar featuring industry experts to discuss business continuity and its challenges, as organizations in the region and around the world maintain the remote working norm.

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A medical doctor analysing patient data on a holographic device.

Ministry of Public Health Introduces Covid-19 Health Bot to Citizens in Lebanon

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Lebanon has announced the roll out of a Covid-19 Health bot solution for citizens. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Bot has an inbuilt symptom checker.

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Woman in a blue shirt looking at her laptop and a man in a red shirt looking at his phone.

The rapidly growing need for online protection

With the world’s swift transition to living much of our daily lives online, cybercriminals are looking to take advantage. In a time of great uncertainty, these malicious actors are exploiting our fears with socially engineered scams.

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Teenage girl engaging in online coursework from home

Enter an AI wonderland with these #stayathome workshops

Research shows businesses across the Middle East and Africa are battling to acquire the digital skills they need, and yet, many countries across the region have a remarkably low number of STEM graduates who are women.

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Six perspectives on leading a virtual team during a time of crisis

Six perspectives on leading a virtual team during a time of crisis

Many teams within Microsoft have worked in an entirely virtual way for years. The leaders of some of these teams share key learnings as they’ve adapted to best support their people during this challenging time.

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Woman weaing mask using cell phone

Preserving privacy while addressing COVID-19

As countries and companies focus on technologies to fight the pandemic, it’s critical we also protect people’s privacy. We’re offering seven  ideas to consider as we move into the next phases of fighting this pandemic.

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Girl working on a laptop

Learning Never Stops: Enabling Distance Learning Across the World

With more than 1.5 billion students and youth affected globally by closures of schools and universities, the COVID-19 crisis has prompted institutions to switch to remote learning at unprecedented scale.

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Boy sitting on bed with a laptop on his lap writing in his workbook

Microsoft offers free Teams training to educators across the country

Microsoft is joining forces with its partners to give academic institutions in South Africa free half-day training in Teams to help them effectively use the technology and enable more seamless remote learning within the country.

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An individual looking at the tablet screen

Ministry of Education boosts remote learning to ensure public health and student safety

The Ministry of Education has enriched their smart learning ecosystem with Microsoft Teams. The program aims to enhance safety for students and society at large while ensuring smooth flow and completion of the curriculums.

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Young girl learning from PC while mom and little sister observe in their kitchen at home

Online education tools: streamlining operations and facilitating remote learning for schools

Jacaranda College in Gauteng needs technology that is able to improve school efficiencies from both a teaching, learning and administrative perspective. It’s important for the school to balance its business operations with its educational responsibilities.

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A businessman conducting a conference meeting on the web.

Four ways to keep your remote workforce safe from cybercriminals

As businesses across the Middle East and Africa send their employees home to work, the need to guard against cyberattacks is greater than ever. These simple measures can help keep your workforce secure.

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Birds eye view of multiple buildings accompanied with a blue sky and white clouds

How the Gauteng government is unlocking the benefits of working remotely

Though many people prefer the traditional way of working, there are times when it is necessary to work remotely. The spread of Covid-19 has changed the way people in South Africa – and globally – live and work.

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Boy sitting on a chair at his desk at home smiling while using a laptop

Keeping the momentum of learning with digital education tools

Bryandale Primary School in Bryanston, Johannesburg had to physically close its doors – like all other South African schools – on Wednesday 18 March. But just because the school is not open does not mean learning has stopped.

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Businessman conducting a Teams conference call from home.

KOTC implements remote working solutions to ensure workforce health and safety

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) will implement remote working solutions by leveraging secure platforms such as Microsoft 365. The move will enable KOTC to run mission critical operations while ensuring the health and safety of its workforce.

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Woman working on laptop

Educators are finding powerful ways to connect with students in the sudden shift to remote learning

When the COVID-19 virus reached pandemic levels, shuttering schools the world over, it left educators facing a massive challenge: How to keep students learning and engaged without the face-to-face closeness and comfortable daily routine of a classroom.

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Girl standing next to window looking at laptop

Boosting collaboration in remote learning

For those educational institutions whose bread and butter has always been online learning, the recent surge in demand for remote learning  is a good opportunity to ensure that they have the optimal resources in place.

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A business woman works on her laptop in the comfort of her own home.

Working from home? Here’s how to keep your devices safe from cyberattacks

Our world has changed dramatically over the last couple of months and in an effort to keep the wheels turning, companies across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) are switching to remote work. Microsoft is no different.

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