More than 1,000 Sanitas employees are already taking advantage of the capabilities of Big Data through the DOC project

  • Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool, allows Sanitas employees to visualize and create strategic reports in a fully customized way. Over the last year, 1,037 workers have joined the project, generating almost 5,400 own reports and 128 reports and dashboards.
  • More than 70% of corporate data is often untapped because it is stored in corporate silos. Sanitas’ DOC project, which uses Power BI, solves this problem by enabling Sanitas employees to easily access, understand and analyze the information they need.
  • Power BI has helped Sanitas employees to visualize and analyze data in an agile and simple way, allowing them to focus their efforts on decision making. In addition, everyone in the organization has been able to perform self-service analysis, reducing dependencies between departments and, in short, fostering a greater data culture in the company.

Sanitas is committed to the advantages of digital tools to improve the management of people’s health and also to increase the efficiency of its employees’ work. Since 2019, the company has been conducting research and development activities in the field of applications, aimed at optimizing its processes.

In line with this digital culture, Sanitas has made use of the Business Intelligence tool Microsoft Power BI, supported by the Azure cloud to launch DOC -Data in One Click-. The initiative, which kicked off in 2019, aims to facilitate data-driven decision making. Thanks to the project, the company has been able to sort, classify and extract value from its stored information: now, its employees can visualize or create Sanitas strategic reports in a precise and fully customized way. In the last year, 1,037 employees have joined the project, generating almost 5,400 own reports (i.e. in self-service mode) and 128 reports and dashboards.

The number of variables collected by companies today is constantly increasing, as is the need to quickly transform them into actionable information. More than 70% of the data is still not analyzed as it is mainly stored in silos or corporate databases. DOC solves this problem by empowering any Sanitas employee with the skills and tools needed to access and analyze the information they need, when they need it.

Therefore, talent management has been another key pillar of the DOC initiative: the analytical skills of the entire workforce have been improved, making employees aware of the importance of being familiar with the program’s functionalities in each area, their contribution and the positive impact on the company as a whole.

An organizational and cultural change focused on data

For Sanitas, data is a fundamental part of its business, so it needed to find a solution that would allow it to take advantage of its potential and use in a more efficient way. The company faced three major challenges:

  • Data silos. Sanitas detected an inefficient access to some data domains, so in order to improve performance and effectiveness in decision making the organization needed to break down all silos to use its data in a unified, secure and guaranteed way.
  • There was a need to implement a unified data repository that would allow faster access to the data since, prior to DOC, access depended on specific equipment, which slowed down the access and analysis of the information, and the waiting time could take too long.
  • Lack of data-driven culture. Sanitas sought to convey to all employees the importance and value of data and the role that each individual person plays in this regard.

To overcome the challenge, Sanitas launched a project to integrate and leverage its internal sources, supported by Azure, Microsoft’s cloud. ‏They adopted Data Lake solutions, which helped them to collect and analyze variables of all sizes and formats. They set up an internal, cross-cutting, interdepartmental and collaborative operating structure, designed to centralize and manage all the information from each business unit. It offers a holistic view of the data from each area and leverages its potential, optimizing the company’s operations to the maximum.

From data to its use

The combination of Microsoft Azure and Power BI has made it possible to interconnect and analyze all of Sanitas’ data assets, from any source, in a simple way and from a unified and scalable environment. As a result, the company now has all its information integrated into a single platform and interactive graphics that exponentially increase the value of the data and amplify its own analytical capabilities.

Each member of the organization can use the content in the way that is most useful to them, and with the maximum guarantees of security, privacy and regulatory compliance thanks to the Microsoft cloud. This enables Sanitas employees to make more informed decisions.

The result has been entirely positive. The DOC project provides self-service capabilities in data analytics, so that employees, regardless of the area they belong to, can analyze relevant trends and behaviors to work strategically. Therefore, collaboration between teams is encouraged, working together to achieve the best solution.  Likewise, an efficient workflow has been created, which avoids bottlenecks.

«Thanks to Microsoft’s tools, we have been able to unify different sources of information and capture them in an understandable and intuitive way through different reports, which helps teams to improve their decision making and develop their work in a more efficient way. This system allows us to be more precise in terms of analyzing the parameters of each area, as well as in outlining more effective improvement strategies,» explained Manuel Vázquez, Director of Data & Analytics at Sanitas and Bupa ELA.

In short, thanks to the DOC project implemented with Microsoft technology, Sanitas has improved its daily management, raising its quality standards and ensuring information transparency throughout the company.

About Sanitas

Sanitas is a specialist in health and wellness services in Spain. It offers its customers products and services for every stage of life through a comprehensive health model that includes: medical insurance, hospitals and multi-specialty centers, wellness centers, dental clinics, other health services and senior care services.

It has more than 11,250 employees, a medical staff of more than 50,000 specialists and 4,000 affiliated medical centers, as well as its own provision of 4 hospitals, 20 multi-specialty medical centers, 16 wellness centers, 200 dental clinics, 47 homes for the elderly, 17 of which have a day center service and 5 independent day centers.

Sanitas is part of Bupa, a leading international healthcare company with more than 38 million customers worldwide. It employs more than 84,000 people, mainly in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Chile, Poland, New Zealand, Hong Kong SAR, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, the Middle East and Ireland. It also has associated companies in Saudi Arabia and India.

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