W2M revolutionizes the tourism sector with its digital ambassador at the service of travelers and agencies, created with Generative AI

  • The travel division of the Iberostar Group has relied on Microsoft and Bravent as technology partners to develop and implement this disruptive initiative.
  • Mía, located at the W2M stand at FITUR, is a realistic avatar that, thanks to previous video training, can offer 100% personalized content in real time.

W2M, the travel division of the Iberostar Group, revolutionizes FITUR, presenting the first digital person created with Generative Artificial Intelligence in the history of the trade show: Mía.

The company has relied on Microsoft’s leadership in the field of Generative AI and its partner Bravent, specialized in Artificial Intelligence solutions, to develop and launch this cutting-edge tool, which has been presented for the first time at the W2M stand at FITUR. This revolutionary project is the result of an R+D collaboration agreement between the three companies, with which they continue to work to develop different Artificial Intelligence projects with the aim of improving the efficiency of internal processes and providing new and innovative tools to automate internal processes.

Thanks to previous training and content generated by the World2Meet team, Mía can offer any type of information and 100% personalized and real-time answers about any data about the group, its main brands and destinations. This is possible thanks to advanced neural network models, which, based on a few videos and audios of a real person, make it possible to create a high-quality, synthetic-realistic talking avatar for various applications, while adhering to responsible AI practices. The potential of the solution breaks down common barriers, allowing it to reach multiple people, languages, and styles in a more inclusive way.

Joan Barceló, CIO of W2M said: «At W2M, innovation is a strategic and transversal pillar that is part of our DNA. For this reason, we are firmly committed to implementing technological tools that optimize processes and facilitate the day-to-day life of our employees. We are profoundly proud of being the first company to present such an innovative service at the FITUR fair.»

Mario López, CIO of Bravent, added that «This opportunity offered by W2M is the perfect fit between our constant commitment to personalize customer solutions and our journey in the development of Generative AI solutions based on virtual assistants. With Microsoft Azure Text to Speech Avatar, we’re taking a giant step towards creating the virtual first person, which means creating an experience that is as close to human interaction as possible.»

Marc Riera, Head of Innovation & AI at W2M, highlighted: «Mía resides in our private environment and is the result of an innovative partnership with Microsoft. With Generative AI technology ethically developed and executed on W2M, in collaboration with Bravent and powered by Microsoft, we not only elevate the customer experience to another level, but also ensure privacy and security. This initiative reflects our commitment to a revolutionary and responsible project, setting a new benchmark in the tourism sector.»

Juan Gil, Hospitality Lead at Microsoft, commented: «It is a pleasure to collaborate with a company with the innovative spirit of W2M. The disruptive creation of avatars with Generative AI enables scenarios and new possibilities for the segment of companies in the tourism sector and travelers. At Microsoft, we seek to boost operations, productivity and the creation of memorable experiences for our customers in this key sector for Spain.»

For W2M, innovation is a key lever and one of its corporate values. The company is firmly committed to promoting new concepts with the aim of inserting disruptive changes in the market while optimizing its operations thanks to technological advances.


About World2Meet

World2Meet is the travel division of the Iberostar Group, a vertically structured tourism group (VITO). A project based on the principles of quality, innovation, sustainability and flexibility. All of this is backed by the team’s proven experience. Today, the group is made up of 17 brands specialising in the entire tourism value chain: World2Fly, Azul Marino Viajes, Flowo, Úbico, The Sphere, Dakari, Viajes Eroski, Bytour, Newblue, Icárion, Club Marco Polo, W2M Pro, Kannak, Escape Home, O7 Hotel W2M DMC and E-North Safaris.

About Bravent

Bravent is the Spanish technology services consultancy specialized in the development and implementation of solutions based on Microsoft technologies, with solid experience in Artificial Intelligence projects, applied to all areas of the company. With more than 10 years of experience and a team of highly committed professionals, Bravent has also consolidated its presence in the USA, Latam and Middle East regions. Learn more at www.bravent.net

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