Finvero revolutionizes the credit experience with the help of technology

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The implementation of technology such as Azure, Microsoft Teams, and Artificial Intelligence helped this digital native company to improve the performance of its solutions

Mexico City – Finvero, a Mexican fintech company, has partnered with Microsoft on its digital transformation journey to maximize access to financial services in the country, leveraging the power of cloud solutions and Artificial Intelligence to provide simpler, friendlier, and more agile experiences for its users.

Founded in June 2022, Finvero is a digital native banking solutions company that offers credit coverage to more than 500 businesses. As part of the startup of its operations, the company has worked closely with Microsoft as a key technology provider, where the firm’s digital solutions drive key company processes, from infrastructure to the development of new features and the incorporation of new financial products into its portfolio.

Likewise, Finvero is part of the Microsoft Founders Hub program, through which it has had access to key technological resources for the scalability of its operations, such as Azure credits, low-code tools, and events aimed at encouraging the creation, survival, and competitiveness of emerging companies.

The Microsoft platform aims to help startups grow not only through the implementation of Microsoft technologies, but also through guidance from industry experts and connections with investors and customers. Through Founders Hub, leaders and entrepreneurs can more easily deploy cloud technologies such as Azure and Microsoft 365, but they can also take advantage of other technical resources and support, virtual conferences and workshops, exclusive benefits and advantages for program members, as well as to networking events that help them continue to innovate, a highly relevant factor for fintech firms.

Leveraging critical technologies, digital transformation is revolutionizing the financial industry, democratizing banking in regions like Latin America where many people still do not have access to financial services. By betting on Microsoft Azure cloud services to meet the financial needs of consumers and businesses, Finvero has consolidated an extended reach to cover the needs of both physical points of sale and e-commerce portals.

In addition, as the company operates with a huge amount of banking data per day, it stands out for incorporating Artificial Intelligence to analyze and manage them automatically, making the performance of its applications more efficient and increasing activity within the national and international Marketplace. Similarly, in a scenario where the adoption of fully virtual financial solutions has accelerated, the company has found in the alliance with Microsoft the necessary tools to offer a comfortable shopping experience and accessible credits through an intuitive platform.

«Throughout our history as a digital native company, we have collaborated with different technology companies, but none of them compare to what we have achieved with Microsoft. As we are a constantly growing company, we needed an integrated platform that would allow us to deliver new features to our customers in a short time, while we could have better control of our metrics. We have found all of this in Microsoft products such as Azure, which has allowed us to improve the performance of our solutions in a highly intuitive way; Microsoft Azure AI, which keeps us up to date with daily metric management and helps us profile customers; and even Microsoft Teams, which keeps us in touch with each of our collaborators and customers,» said Mario Hernandez, CEO, and co-founder of Finvero.

Microsoft Azure offers various benefits for SMBs and digital natives like Finvero, such as cost savings in hardware and software maintenance by using the cloud; scalability, as it has a flexible IT infrastructure that adapts to the size of their business as they grow without incurring additional costs; security, as it offers several layers of protection including built-in firewalls as well as detection and prevention of cyberattacks with end-to-end data encryption; flexibility, as it supports a wide variety of programming languages to develop cloud applications; and integration with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power BI, allowing SMBs to create a cohesive and efficient IT environment.

In the long term, the financial technology company seeks to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the sector through the continuous investment in Microsoft’s extensive portfolio of solutions and thus be able to provide financial opportunities to 51% of Mexican consumers who have not been able to access a bank, which means a major challenge for the country’s economy.



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