Orizon modernizes IA development and data through a partnership with Microsoft

Cloud, data, and AI technologies will speed up an operation that processes out more than 15 million healthcare transactions per month

São Paulo, Brazil – Orizon, a healthtech that is part of the Bradesco Group, oversees a database with transactional information of nearly 16 million lives in this Brazilian supplementary healthcare system. They are carrying out their migration journey to Azure, a Microsoft cloud platform. The goal is to boost innovation in the development of data models, gain flexibility to support usage peaks, and optimize resources to accelerate deliveries, improving performance and reducing costs of the operation, which has grown exponentially in recent years.

Every day, the company analyzes and authorizes more than 500,000 consultations – from a complete blood count to highly complex surgeries – through systems that connect about a quarter of the healthcare beneficiaries in the country to 220,000 providers, 23 operators and 12,000 pharmacies. To handle this massive scale, Orizon relies on big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, mainly in the development of machine learning-based models.

The high volume adds up to 15 million transactions per month, therefore the organization needs a technological infrastructure that guarantees speed in response time in order to streamline patient care, in addition to protecting your data.

«Through technology, operators and service providers can quickly analyze patients’ requests and instantly respond to their requests, while avoiding unnecessary procedures,» explained Orizon’s CIO, Edmundo Maron.

To improve this process, Orizon has embarked on a journey of data infrastructure modernization in the cloud, relying on the latest Azure solutions. In 2020, the partnership with Microsoft and Blueshift, a technology company that specializes in Big Data, enabled a project to migrate from the on-premises legacy environment to Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Databricks.

«The project enables Orizon to have a more advanced computing resource, accelerating its digital transformation process with the help of the cloud, and the possibility of integrating environments, allowing new implementations in its infrastructure in a digital way,» says Ricardo Fernandes, vice president of Enterprise Business at Microsoft Brazil.

«Or partnership with Microsoft was very satisfactory, it made the Modern Data Platform project a reality, which resulted in a state-of-the-art architecture to support our analytics environment,» said Gustavo Lima, Orizon’s Big Data and Analytics coordinator.

Lima also points out that in the same platform they attained the flexibility to support the entire data conveyor and the production of machine learning models. «The teams’ synergy and the quality of the deliveries, really surprised us, positively of course, not to mention the standard of excellence provided by Microsoft in terms of customer experience,» he said.

To improve communications and scale, Orizon started using Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), a remote desktop capable of connecting and integrating employees wherever they are; a data management tool, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD); and a billing solution integrated with customer service platforms, to automate the process and allow a 360° view.

All of these tasks are performed in Azure. Thus, Orizon customers are able to improve their market share evaluation, verify the competitiveness in the market and the receptivity of their offers, among other data-based insights.

With 20-30% faster processes, Orizon is already making moves to accelerate the project phases planned for 2022. “We tend to have everything in the cloud. We are well advanced and are already entering the fourth out of five planned stages. We have already trained our employees and prepared the environment to receive the necessary workloads, in addition to taking care of governance and safety to make everything go work,” says Maron. “With the aid of these insights, we’ll certainly be even more assertive, we’ll have more gains and a lot of insights to further improve our customers’ experience.”

With the completion, the company also forecasts a 73% reduction in total cost of ownership over the next three years for the analytics environment.


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Defending health is the purpose of Orizon, healthtech with over ten years of experience. With 150 million transactions per year, it has solutions that combat waste, avoid unnecessary risks, and promote the best practices in collaborative ecosystems. Its base includes more than 16 million lives, 22

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